December 2020


A new year is always a very motivating time because it brings a breath of fresh air. It inspires you to make dreams, goals and gives you a fresh start to achieve them.

Just remember –

Every moment is a fresh beginning.” —T.S. Eliot .

So, as 2020 is finally ending, and we don’t know what 2021 has in store for us, but let’s start our new year with zeal and zest. We have curated a list of new beginning quotes for all to commence your journey with a positive mindset. 

“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.” —Guy Finley


“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” —Rainer Maria Rilke


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


“It’s never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald


“I discovered that a fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey – a journey that requires a plan.” – Vivian Jokotade


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” –Plato


“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” — Barbara Shur


A new day: Be open enough to see opportunities. Be wise enough to be grateful. Be courageous enough to be happy. – Dr. Steve Maraboli


Everything begins at the beginning, and quite often the beginning begins when you shift your mind in a new direction. – Louie Herron


Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy. – Sarah Ban Breathnach


The 3 Cs of life: Choices, chances and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.


We at live controversy wish you, your family, and friends a very happy new year and promise to come up with great content in 2021.


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Unpaid Internships- The Institution of Exploitation

When holidays start, or a student has a lot of leisure time, they think of doing internships to gain experience.

More than half of the students do internships to earn money even if the amount is small- they want to fulfill their short-term goals from their hard-earned money.

When they venture out to seek internships, there are a plethora of opportunities available, but to their surprise- most of them are unpaid.

A few take up unpaid internships to familiarize themselves with the work atmosphere and a few don’t take up the unpaid internship because they believe that with experience, their work should be paid for and respected.

Every work should be paid. Nobody should be exploited in the name of providing experience and laying out a workspace for them.


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Why should you pay for your intern?

Asking someone to put in their efforts for work should always be paid in monetary means because it is the right thing to do.

When the intern is being paid, they take their tasks seriously and it makes them accountable for their work. The candidature for your internship increases because applicants earnestly fill out the application form. If they are selected, they try to give their best and prove their passion for work. 

The amount might be minimal for the internship provider, but for the intern, it might be their first pay check, which boosts their confidence and makes them believe in themselves.  

Attracting interns saying that you will be giving them a great learning opportunity, whereas in reality you just benefit your company from their free work. It is exploiting someone’s talent and hard work.


When is it okay to offer an unpaid internship? 

If you are an NGO because the primary objective is to increase social welfare, and, hence, it is okay for NGOs to roll out unpaid internships. 

If you are a well-established organization and providing an excellent learning opportunity that is going to help the intern in their future. 

Internships should always be paid (barring the above exceptions) because taking advantage of someone’s vulnerability and not paying for their work is exploitation. 


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Top 10 Good Parenting Tips – Best Advice

What Makes A Good Parent?

A good parent is someone who, in the child’s best interest, tries to make choices.

It’s not important for a good parent to be perfect. No one is perfect. No child is perfect either… When we set our goals, having this in mind is crucial.

Effective parenting is not about achieving perfection. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to work for that purpose. Set high expectations first for ourselves, and then second for our children. For them, we act as role models.


How To Be A Good Parent – Top 10 Parenting Tips


Come on, walk the walk. Don’t tell your kid, what you want them to do. Show them that

Be a role model for your chid

Humans are a remarkable species in part because we can understand through imitation. We are conditioned to mimic the actions of others to understand them and to integrate them into our own. Kids, in particular, watch what their parents do very closely. 

So, be the person you want your child to be—respect your child, show them the positive behavior and attitude, have sympathy for your child’s emotion—and your child will follow suit.



There’s no such thing as loving your kid so much. Love they can’t ruin the two of them. Just what you want to do (or give) in the name of love can—things like material indulgence, leniency, low standards, and over-protection.

When these things are offered instead of true love, that’s when you’re going to have a spoiled boy.


Love your kid can be as easy as sending them hugs, spending time with them, and listening to their complaints seriously every day.

Showing these acts of affection will cause the release of feeling-good hormones such as oxytocin. These neurochemicals will give us a profound sense of peace, emotional warmth and contentment from which the infant gain tolerance, not to mention a deeper bond with you.



Babies are born with about 100 billion brain cells (neurons) with very few connections. These links generate our emotions, guide our acts, from our personality, and essentially decide who we are. They are formed, enhanced and “sculpted” by lifelong experiences.


Give your child any positive experiences. They would have the opportunity to experience meaningful experiences themselves and to give them to others .

Give your child any bad experiences. They’re not going to get the sort of development they need to succeed. Sing that dumb tune. Get a marathon tickle. Only go to the park. You’re laughing with your child. Ride into a tantrum of rage. Solve a dilemma with a good outlook.

Not only can these meaningful interactions build healthy relations with your child’s head, but they also make your child’s lifelong memories of you.

It is impossible to be optimistic when it comes to discipline. However, constructive reinforcement should be practiced and disciplinary actions can be avoided.

Being a decent parent means that you get to show your kid the values of what is right and what is wrong. The keys to good discipline are setting boundaries and being persistent.

Be kind and strict to the compliance of those laws. Rely on the explanation behind the actions of the kid. And making it an opportunity to learn about the future, rather than punish the past.



Let your child know that you will always be there for them by being attentive to the signs of the child and listening to their needs. Support and embrace the child as a person. Be a warm, safe haven for your child to explore.


Children raised by parents who are reliably attentive appear to develop improved emotional control, cognitive skills development, and mental health outcomes.



All of us know the importance of connectivity. Talk to your kid and listen to them closely, too.

By having the contact channel open, you’re going to have a stronger relationship with your child, and your child will come to you anytime there’s a problem.

But there’s another explanation for communication—helping your kid incorporate various aspects of his or her brain.

Be a healthy parent

Integration is analogous to our body, where various organs tend to cooperate and function together to ensure a stable body.

When various areas of the brain are combined, they will function harmoniously as a whole, which means less tantrums, more cooperative actions, more empathic and greater emotional well-being.

Speak about troubling encounters to do so. Ask your child to explain what happened and how he/she felt he/she was improving tuned speech. You don’t have to come up with solutions.




Many of us wish to see a better adult than our own. And someone who had a strong life and a happier childhood would wish to change any facets of how they were growing up.

Yet most often, as we open our mouths, we chat exactly as our parents did.


Reflecting on our own upbringing is a journey in knowing why we parent the way we do so. Take stock about stuff that you would like to alter and learn about how you would do it better in a real situation. Try to be conscious to change your actions the next time these problems come up.

Don’t give up until you first excel. It takes effort, a lot of practice, to deliberately adjust one’s child’s methods of schooling.



Parents, too, need relief.

Careful attention to your well-being.

Stuff like your own health or the health of your marriage are often kept on the back burner when an infant is born. If you don’t pay attention to them, they’re going to become bigger challenges down the line 8. Taking the time to improve your friendship with your partner.

Being healthy as a parent

Don’t be afraid to ask for support from your friends. Getting some “me time” for self-care is vital to rejuvenate the mind.

Why parents should take care of themselves emotionally and psychologically can make a major difference in their parenting and family life. If these two places fail, your child will still suffer.



There is no question that for certain parents, spanking will lead to short-term enforcement, which is also a much-needed relief for parents.

This approach, though, does not show the child the right thing from the wrong. It just encourages the kid to be fearful of external repercussions. The kid is then inspired to stop being trapped instead.

Do not Spank Childs

Spanking your child is modeling your child’s desire to fix problems with abuse. Children who are spanked, beaten or struck are more likely to clash with other children.

They are most likely to become threats and use verbal/physical violence to settle conflicts. Later in adulthood, they are even more likely to participate in delinquency and antisocial behavior, poorer parent-child partnerships, mental health disorders, and victims of domestic violence or assault 10.

There are a host of safer approaches to discipline that have been shown to be more successful For eg, constructive discipline (Tip #3 above) and positive reinforcement.



What’s your goal of raising a child?

If you are like most parents, you want your child to do well at school, to be active, to be responsible and independent, to be polite, to have positive relationships with you and others, to be loving and compassionate, and to have a happy, safe and satisfying life.

But how much time do you spend working on these goals?

Remember parenting goal

If you’re like most of your parents, you probably spend most of the day struggling to get through the day. As the writers, Siegel and Bryson, point out in their book The Entire Brain Child,

Instead of helping your child thrive, you spend most of time just trying to survive!

If you don’t want survival mode to overtake your life, step back next time you feel upset or irritated. Think of what rage and resentment is going to do to you or your kids.

Instead, find opportunities to turn a bad encounter into a positive tool for him or her. And epic tantrums can be converted into invaluable brain-sculpting experiences.

Doing this would not only help you develop a balanced outlook, but you’re still focusing on one of your core parenting goals—building a positive relationship with your kids.



I don’t mean shortcuts to your kids. What I mean is to take advantage of what scientists already know.

Parenting is one of the most studied areas of psychology. Many parenting methods, behaviors or traditions have been scientifically investigated, checked, perfected or debunked.

For positive parenting tips and knowledge that is validated by science, this is one of my favorite science-based parenting books, The Science of Parenting.

Parenting goal you should remember

The application of empirical expertise is not, of course, a one-size-fits-all technique. Each child is a different child. There can be several different successful parenting strategies that you can choose according to your child’s disposition, even with the best parenting style.

For example, besides spanking, there are several better alternatives, e.g. Redirecting, reasoning, deleting rights, time-in, etc. You should pick a form of non-punitive punishment that fits well for your child.

Of course, you can still opt to use “traditional” or “old school” parenting methods (e.g. Spanking) and still get the “same” result.

According to the Diathesis-Stress Hypothesis, individuals with behavioral illness, weaknesses are more likely to acquire one when they encounter stress. Diathesis, i.e. vulnerabilities, can be biological or environmental.

Perhaps the child will be blessed to have no such vulnerabilities. They can be resilient and prevail, no matter how hard parents treat their kids.

Yet they could not be.

The value of parenting cannot however be overlooked. Why risk disruption to any of the sub-par activities if there are well-researched, stronger ones?

Taking these “shortcuts” can entail more effort on your part in the short term, but it will save you a lot of time and agony in the long run.


Final Thoughts On Parenting

The good thing is, although parenting is hard, it is also very rewarding. The bad part is the rewards usually come much later than the hard work. But if we try our best now, we will eventually reap the rewards and have nothing to regret.


Tips to be a good parent




The year 2020 has shifted everything on our rectangular screens, from classes to exams, from meetings to dating. When the nation-wide lockdown was imposed in March, the life of the school and college students was suddenly halted. The government and the universities came up with the option of online classes. Initially, it was assumed and believed that only classes will happen online, but later it was learned that exams will also be conducted online.

When the students were already struggling with online classes because 90% of the population didn’t have proper resources. The news of online exams stunned the students. Both teachers and students panicked because they all were new to this system and were muddled about the procedure. Twitter was stormed with tweets to roll back the open book examination, but it went all in vain. The universities went ahead with the examination making students furious about the education system of the country.

Why conducting online exams is not a good idea.

Online exams are not inclusive. In our country, more than 80% of households don’t have a laptop. A lot of households only have one smartphone, and then it becomes difficult for siblings if their exam clashes. It excludes a lot of students and gives them a feeling of being rejected by the education system or not being cared for enough.

Not all areas have a good 4G connection in India. In India, 48% of the population has a strong wi-fi internet connection. It excludes a lot of students and pressurizes them about exams.

From the perspective of knowledge, these exams are not at all effective. Open book examination can be translated to control C+ control V examination. The students didn’t prepare or gain anything from the syllabus because they all had the option of copying it from their text.

Also, all the places and households don’t have 24 hours of electricity connection, and sometimes there can be a long duration cut in electricity making, students nervous and anxious. I experienced this, our area had electricity cut on my exam day, and I had to go to my family friend’s house to appear for the exam. 

The online exams took a huge toll on the mental health of students. I went through this and couldn’t sleep for two days straight thinking about all the mishappenings that might happen.

It is a vicious cycle because if a student doesn’t have the proper resource required to give an exam, they panic and then pressurize their parents to provide them with resources. A lot of times children don’t share it with anyone making themselves more vulnerable. Due to the lockdown, there has been a huge financial crunch in the families, that a lot of times parents are not genuinely able to support their children. All of this adds up and makes the lives of students distressed.


Instead of conducting online exams, the university should focus on giving students time to explore themselves and their interests.

They can give them a research assignment/project through which the student learns something and holistically develop their knowledge.  


Lab-grown meat industries are on a rise for developing new ways of more sources of meat. It is also known as cultured meat. It is produced by in vitro cell culture of animal cells, instead of from slaughtered animals. It is a form of cellular agriculture .

Why is lab-grown meat on rise?

The cultured meat is on the rise because the world is becoming aware of the animal cruelty in the livestock industry and want their plate to be cruelty-free. Also, the world is slowly marching towards a healthier diet and have learned about the ill effects of consuming meat. Furthermore, the switch to cultured meat is to save the only earth- a life-sustaining planet, because the meat industry is the leading cause of increasing temperature, which is fueling climate change.

Is lab-grown meat sustainable?

The concept of lab-grown meat came into being because the adherents of cultured meat believed and argued that it provides a significant reduction of environmental impact. It also reduces the risk of infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

A study in 2011 found that cultured meat can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78-96% and require 7-45% less energy and 82-96% less water.

Although, recent studies have proven that lab-grown meat is not sustainable in long run. Other researchers have shown that with animal immune systems, their bodies are naturally able to protect them against infections. With cell culture meat having a nutrient-rich quality, I can cause bacteria to multiply faster than in animal cells.

In modern agriculture, animals contribute to recycling large amounts of plant waste that humans cannot consume, creating fertilizer for the land. Replacing animals out of the environment would create long-term environmental degradation if they are not in their ecosystems.

What is the future of lab-grown meat?

The meat consumption will double by 2050, and meat production is already close to the peak. According to Mark Post, “cows are very insufficient” with a “bioconversion rate” estimated at 15 percent. In other words, to produce 15 grams of meat, you need 100 grams of vegetable protein. The only way to produce meat sustainably is to increase the efficiency rate and cultured-meat is being considered as the solution. 



As a child, we all dream about getting a job after completing our graduation. We think about a job-we go to college to pursue a degree that will take us one step closer to our dream job.

But now, the times are tumultuous, and getting a good paying job after completing your graduation or even post-graduation is not guaranteed.

The situation is about to get worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic- people who were already employed have lost their jobs, increasing the percentage of the population who is unemployed.

Recently, a piece of news surfaced-that a young electrical engineer opens their tea stall in Ahmedabad because they couldn’t meet ends by the job they had.

In the coming times, such stories are going to buzz news.


There are different reasons why a degree guarantees no job.

👉 One, there are different skill sets which a job demands. During the degree, which imparts mostly theoretical knowledge, and sometimes the syllabus is outdated.

The degree doesn’t give the individual the skills they present market requires. Research has shown that three years after graduation, four out of five graduates were in graduate jobs.

Obtaining a good degree is not enough. The students must add value to it. Employers demand skills and often work experience as well.

👉 Secondly, competition has become cut throat. Every year there are more than 2.5 corore candidates who appear on government exams.

The vacancy for each exam is not even 10% of the candidates who give the examination.

Candidates who are- not recruited in the following year give the exam again and the vicious cycle of people not getting selected continues.

It increases joblessness in the country and forces students with a degree many times from a good institution to take up a job in the informal sectors to survive.

👉 Thirdly, many a time, even if they do get the job, it is not normally what they had in mind. The pay scale is too less, and the workload is too much.

Furthermore, sudden decreases in job availability could be due to technology advancing. As the years go by, technology is advancing more and more each day. It is making it hard for people to get jobs because technology can now do a lot more than it used to back in the day. 

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Also, creativity and new ideas are very important, which simply don’t come from your degree. Creativity and innovation don’t come from what people teach you. New ideas come from your personal experiences and your interaction with your environment.

Now the times are adverse people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Fresh graduates are not getting jobs because the organizations and companies don’t have enough profits to pay, and hence, they have laid off their workers and are not accepting new ones.

Yes, it is true a degree guarantees no job because many a time degree doesn’t impart the right skills and source required for the market.


Planting Trees May Not Be Saving the World

The development is causing deforestation, and in return, corny capitalists promise compensatory afforestation. The world is being asked to plant trees in the hope, that this will save them from climate change and will reverse human-induced climate change.

The world and its citizens have become eco-conscious, and companies and governments cannot escape with compensatory afforestation. Planting trees is not straightforward because these companies and government claim to plant trees but mostly monocultures.

Monocultures are unfit for animal habitats because they don’t provide any diversity for the animal kingdom to grow. It doesn’t provide any plant diversity, and a single species of trees don’t provide shelter, food – to a variety of species and, hence close to no animal species live in such forests.

In monoculture forests, there are the same species of trees, and hence they all take the same amount of water, unlike in a diverse forest where all trees have a different requirement, and the water is used judicially. When the level of the water table goes down, it also degrades the soil.

Monocultures deeply impact the local communities who need the forests for water, food, fodder, and shelter, etc. Many times, local communities are forced to sell forests to industries that only grow monocultures.

Monocultures are not forests and don’t attract rainfall, they don’t provide food, they are not home to animal species, they don’t allow any biodiversity.

They are not an addition to already existing forests. All of them cut existing forests to grow commercially viable trees. Forests are not mere oxygen mechanisms, but they are an ecosystem that nurtures life.

The best way to save the Earth and to keep it green- is to not destroy the remaining biodiversity and forests of the earth.

Below I am going to add an video of SADGURU, Who will walk you through that Our environment is Our Life::


How Can Planting Trees Help to Reduce Climate Change & Reduce Global Warming

A lot of people decide to enrich their gardens by planting trees. Most of them do it for beauty or to offer extra shade in the summer months.

There are however, more benefits from trees than you might imagine. Except for refreshing, bonding us with nature and its calming impact, trees do a lot when it comes to the climate.


🌳 Reducing Climate Change

Although people are good at something, they build up excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Harmful CO2 leads to climate change, the greatest threat currently facing the planet. Trees, however are helping to fight it. They consume CO2 by extracting it from the air and storing it while releasing oxygen.

Annually, an acre of trees consumes an amount of carbon dioxide compared to driving your car 26 000 miles. Trees are our important attributes for survival; only one tree can provide enough oxygen for four humans.


🌳 Purifying Air

Have you ever felt the feeling of “cleaner air” in the woods or by the sea? Oh, you were right, because it is well known that trees purify the air.

They consume pollutant gases, such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia and sulfur dioxide. Trees also absorb odors and act as a barrier as little particles are caught in the leaves.

A mature acre of trees will provide oxygen to 18 people every year.


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Top 10 Climate change documentaries available in free


🌳 Cooling Down the Streets

Every year, we listen to the disturbing news of global warming. For example, the average temperature in New Delhi has risen by 6F in 50 years, and the average global temperature has risen by 1.4F.

This occurs as the coverage of the tree decreases. Removing trees and replacing them with heat absorbing concrete roads and buildings allows cities a lot warmer. Trees cool cities by up to 10 F by providing shade and releasing water.


🌳 Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know that strategically spaced trees around your home will substantially reduce the need for air conditioning?

Not only will this make your wallet thicker, it will also reduce carbon dioxide and pollution from power plants. Architects and environmentalists sat together to come up with a brilliant idea – green roofs.

Green roofs are a perfect way to bring plants into your home and offer environmental benefits to your neighborhood while saving money on cooling bills.


🌳 Saving Water

With the exception of cooling, trees also help to conserve water. Due to the shade they offer, the water would slowly evaporate from low vegetation.

Trees require about 15 gallons of water a week to live, and they release about 200-450 gallons of water a day.


🌳 Preventing Water Pollution

Stormwater can be full of phosphorus and nitrogen contaminants. Without plants, the stormwater runs through the oceans and waters without being filtered out.

Trees split the rainfall and allow the water to penetrate the earth and settle into the soil. They also avoid the contamination of oceans by stormwater. With the exception of trees, green infrastructure such as a green roof will help calm stormwater effects.


🌳 Reinforcing Soil

Trees are one of the strongest agricultural partners. They work positively in a variety of ways: they minimize soil erosion, increase fertility, and help soil moisture.

Fallen tree leaves lower the soil temperature and keep the soil from losing too much moisture. Decaying leaves that fall to the ground turn into nutrients for tree growth and encourage the production of microorganisms.


🤔 Final Thoughts

There are also environmental advantages of planting a tree. Strategically planting trees around your home can have enormous environmental benefits.

Not only can you help restore the quality of life in your community, contribute to the environment and help combat climate change, but you will also set an example. So planting a beautiful tree is always a good idea.






Sustainability is the new style. With the world becoming aware about the earth’s dreadful condition, humans want to advocate personal changes to save the only earth we have. One way the world is following the path of sustainability is by thrifting. Thrifting is shopping second hand or worn clothes. A person can thrift from flea markets, thrift stores, and many online Instagram pages have come up which sell second hand clothes.

Thrifting was started in the mid-20th century. The purpose of thrift stores was providing low-cost clothing to people of lower income. But now thrifting has become a trend resulting in its gentrification.

Importance of Thrifting

Thrifting is rising, and more and more people are participating in thrifting culture. It is environmentally-sound as clothes are reused, and it challenges fast-fashion companies. Thrifting helps clothes to be used to their full lifetime, and not end up in landfills after few wears or even without wearing. Buying handed-down clothes is pocket friendly too. Also, it unleashes your creativity because you can create your unique styles.

Gentrification of Thrifting

Gentrification is the process whereby the character of a poor urban area is changed by wealthier people moving in, improving housing, and attracting new businesses, often displacing current inhabitants in the process. The concept of gentrification can be applied- to thrifting.

The idea of thrift stores came up to provide clothes to downtrodden and poverty-stricken communities. In thrifting, they could buy wearable second-hand clothes- at an affordable price. But slowly thrifting became a trend, and it became chic. The millennials who can afford fast fashion and shopping at malls chose not to because they want to contribute to the welfare of the environment. So, as the demand started increasing- the suppliers started to raise their price, which means those who needed the low prices that once existed will need to look for clothing elsewhere.

Thrifting is a sustainable, environment-friendly option. But it too has a negative side to it. The world needs more people to thrift in hopes of decreasing the amount of pollution the fashion industry produces. There are plenty of opportunities to thrift shop consciously without raising the prices for those who cannot afford it.

JEE-Main to be held four times in 2021

Big update for NRIs and Indian students, The Union Minister for Education Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ said in a big announcement on Thursday that the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) will be held four times as of February 2021.

During an online interaction with teachers, parents, and students, he told them about board exams and competitive exams. Currently, JEE-Main is held twice a year.

“The suggestion of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)-Main 2021 to be held four times in a year will be examined positively, beginning at the end of February, thereafter in March, April and May-2021, for three to four days during each time,” said the Minister in a live interaction with students, teachers, and parents.


The idea of conducting the exams four times from next year is to ensure that candidates do not miss out on opportunities due to a conflict of examinations or following the COVID-19 situation, said Minister Pokhriyal.

Pokhriyal also ruled out any reduction in the JEE syllabus for the Engineering Entrance Exam.


“The syllabus for JEE (Main 2021) will remain the same as the previous year and a proposal is under examination where students will be given choice to answer 75 questions (25 questions each in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) out of 90 questions (30 questions each in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics),” he said.


With regard to the class 10 and 12 board, the Minister said that consultations with stakeholders are in progress on the dates of the board reviews and will soon be announced on the basis of input from stakeholders.

“The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is yet to take a decision on the dates of conducting board examinations including practical. In case students are not able to do practical in classes before the examinations, alternatives to practical examinations will be explored,” he said.

In view of the coronavirus situation, the Board’s examinations, which were held in March, had to be postponed mid-way. Subsequently, the assessments were canceled and the results were announced on the basis of an alternative assessment scheme.

Competitive examinations, such as JEE and NEET, were also postponed twice this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In view of the continued closure of schools and teaching-learning activities being entirely online, proposals for postponement of board examinations to May have been made.