February 2021



The Mumbai Coastal Road is an under-construction, 8-lane long freeway, that runs along the Mumbai Western coastline which connects Marine Lines in the South to Kandivali in the north.

This project was to be used by 130000 vehicles daily and was expected to reduce the traveling time between South Mumbai and western suburbs from 2 hours to 40 minutes.

The route length of this Coastal Road is 22.2 km long and the estimated cost for the project is around 12000 crores to 14000 crores.

There are also plans to extend the road till Marve and Ghodbunder Road. It is to be estimated that the first phase which is between the Princess Street flyover to the end of Bandra- Worli Sea Link would be completed by mid-2022.

When we talk about planning, Prithviraj Chauhan proposed the Coastal Road project as an alternative plan to Western Freeway.

He asked MSRDC to think of building coastal roads instead of capital-intensive Sea Link for which he appointed a Joint technical committee compromising of experts and officials under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner, Subodh Kumar, in 2012. The work started showing the connection between two areas where the Freeway would have 18 entry and exit points along with its root and the project was estimated to cost about 80 billion-200 billion. The critics of the freeway opposed it due to the reclamation required and also cited the possible environmental degradation along the coast.


Mumbai Coastal Road PROTEST

One of the features of this project is- there would be more public spaces such as cycle track, pedestrian underpasses, or foot overbridges at every 500M, along with advanced parking facilities and recreational zones. The work of Mumbai Coastal Road looks quite well ambitious.

The tunnel boring machine which is said to be the largest in India and named “Navala” was used to create a 3.45-kilometer, twin undersea tunnel from Priyadarshini Park to Girgaum Chowpatty.

The tunnel under Malabar Hill and over the entertainers near Hajiali and long-sea hugging stretches of road are just some common features of this ambitious Coastal Road which are meant to link Marine Lines in the South Mumbai to the Northern suburb of Kandivali.

The residents of Mumbai held up protests against the Coastal Road project along with the city's West Coast. The group of activists assembled at Breach Candy’s Tata Garden, where they held a peaceful march towards Priyadarshini Park to raise their voice against the reclamation of the project, which was to be undertaken.

The police came and intervened and threatened the protesting group, that they would impose section 144. The public who had gathered to watch the ongoing protesting event were dispersed and were not even allowed to stand across the street. This silent mark could not proceed further as the police denied permission.

The Mumbai Coastal Road project was proposed for the betterment of time as well as traveling issues. It was seen as a positive side but some controversies were to be faced.  The coastal pollution and encroachment were the ever-growing issue for which the Indian government drafted coastal regulation notification for better management.

There were however many violations that occurred but were not listed due to scarcity in data. This article is basically based on the violation and the controversies taking place in the future. this study uses satellite imagery. To know the violations that have occurred in the following us 2002-2008, 2014 along the coastal regions of Maharashtra.

The Metropolitan areas have higher violations as compared to other areas because of increased urbanization and regional occupations like fishing this study is basically for providing information about violation areas that could help us formulate execute and inspect the coastal regulation. (Joshi, Kale,2013)

This study draws attention toward the ongoing project that seeks to understand the various ways in which the new geographies of law, as well as the violations along with the questionable motive, result in contestation over the coastal commons in the Mumbai region. India's coast is undergoing a process of social-economic change that involves new and competing claims on space and resources.

The Aarti sandal fishing population of India has been affected and they have approached everywhere to the set of new claims that are being applied. Fishing is undoubtedly the oldest economic activity prevailing along the coast of India's mainland and it consists youth of as a chief source of livelihood.

It is found that there are currently in India with a total number of people depending on fishing for livelihood is approx. 25 million. The new Coastal Plains have great pressure on pressure livelihood and survival as well as coastal commons that are already and the stress due to coastal erosion patterns loss of biodiversity and ecological degradation. The co

mpetition and conflict over fishing grounds have also increased which has threatened their space and resources by competing claims caused by industrialization urbanization on climate change.



The coastal zone Regulation Act has played many multiple roles and also contradictory roles in redefining access to and use of coastal commons.

When we see from the social logical point of view the inequalities which are related to class caste livelihood or economic growth it has impacted the postal common and has created new contestations and the old conflicts remain unsolved.

The fishing population bears the impact and are being contested and reshaped in interaction with new claimants and their interest.

This article is all about how the environmental protection act was to be formed and what other acts should be involved in the construction of Coastal Road.

The coastal regulation zone notification was made under the provision of the Environment Protection Act in 1991 to protect the coastal environment social and livelihood security of the fishing community.

This article also gives us a glance at the effect of coastal regulation zone rules and violations in the Mumbai Metro politician region which has experienced great growth due to urbanization and industrialization. it is also seen that there was the destruction of mangroves and other species of fishes which played a crucial role in sustaining.

Coastal Ecology and urban biodiversity have declined due to environmental and social-economic consequences.

Citizens also protested against the translocation of coral due to the development of the Mumbai coastal road.

Took initiative to save the coastal marine life and the livelihood of fishes of Mumbai who were being impacted by the coastal road project.

This awareness was spread very easily due to social media and many of them joined to save the corals. Though BMC had permitted to translocate the corals the environmental list and the other marine biologist said that the corals cannot survive this change and destroy the corals.

For this several petitions were filled in the courts against the reclamation of the project to which the high court made the Mumbai coastal road project to be stopped until the fresh environment approval arrives.


Mumbai Coastal Road CONCLUSION

The Coastal Road involved 900 square meters of land from the sea which is likely to disrupt the livelihood of coastal fishing communities and tidal patterns.

It can also destroy the fragile ecosystem and place Mumbai at greater risk of monsoon flooding. Despite knowing the consequences, there were only limited citizens who were opposed to the Coastal Road project. The environmentalist, urban planners, transport experts, and fishing communities were the first ones who objected to this project 6 years ago.

resident across Mumbai have not come together to stall the project which happens in Save Aarey Movement in fact there were smaller cities in the group which began to protest against the Coastal Road after the reclamation work for the first 10 kilometers was in progress.

They need efforts to raise awareness about the problems along the Coastal Road and have also shown unity up with activists to stand against the project. (Aarefa,2020)

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is the study of the mind. how it works, and how it affects the behavior. Psychology as a subject has made a space where it makes people understand that how their mental health is affected by external stimulus and how to deal with it. Today we are going to talk about different types of psychology which have helped many individuals to know and deal with that behavior. In this field of psychology, there is a difference between psychologists and psychiatrists. A psychologist offer treatment that focuses on behavioral adaptation whereas a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who focus on the medical management of mental health issues.


There are different types of psychology that serve different purposes and they are:


It deals with science theory and practice in order to understand and solve the problems with adjustment discomfort and disability. A clinical psychologist deals with emotional, biological, psychological, or behavioral aspects of human performance including their economic and social culture. The practice of clinical psychologist include psychological assessment and psychotherapy and they are involved in research training and in other areas.


It involves psychology which surrounds criminal investigation and the law. The forensic psychologist deals with the criminal justice system and the Civil courts which involve assessing the psychological factors which influence a case or behavior and presenting the findings in the court.


It is a psychology that uses the scientific method to understand that how social influences impact and individual behavior. It explains the feeling the behavior and thoughts and how are influenced by the actual image or implied presence of other people.


It deals with the structure and function of the brain related to behavior and psychological processes. Neuropsychology is involved with the working condition of the brain and the assessment which records the electrical activity in the brain. The neuropsychologist provides a treatment that may help an individual to achieve some improvements in their cognitive damage


It is a scientific study of systematic psychological changes which a person experiences during his life. The area focuses on infants, young children, teenagers, adults, and also older people. It is basically the development of a human understanding of emotion personality self-concept.

Every field has its own specialization and works accordingly in its positive way. This field basically deals with human behavior and in today’s time, it has helped many of them to deal with their issues and behavior too.

There are many things that are just felt and cannot be said. When you want to convey your message to someone who is special and make your life happy is through songs. Songs are basically a bunch of sentences and words which are full of meaning and lyrics. It is said to be the most romantic way to express your feeling to someone but it has taken a controversial role in the upcoming time.

The songs which have created a controversial scene in the industry are:

  • Bhag Bhag DK Bose
  • button daba Denge
  • Gutur Gutur
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya
  • Sexy, sexy
  • Khada Hai, khada Hai

These songs were either based on how a father or parents criticize their children and their feelings are expressed through songs, but here the words used are not considerable. There are even songs that are based on girls either body shaming them. to show them low or talk about their characters. These songs are considered to be controversial because it has lyrics which are considered to be inappropriate. These lyrics have offended many people and their surroundings. Many songs have been banned due to these issues and controversies. One source which has helped to spread this awareness is the reporters and social media.

There are many Hollywood controversial songs which are sung by many famous singers such as Lady Gaga, who is an American singer, have a huge fan following but there are many who have opposed the controversial songs such as Born This Way, Bad Romance because it includes political lyrics and also her obsession with religion has created many controversies. There is even a song that was based on Obama and it had created a great controversy during that period of time. Though songs are made so that we feel and enjoy the lyrics of the songs but the tables have turned over making controversy.


Time changes and so the dating culture too. The belief in love remains the same, but the way to pursue romance certainly changes. With the advancement of technology, relationships nowadays are made on dating apps. These dating apps such as- Bumble and tinder are known as the “digital maker” where the “swipe right” is the way that makes people understand the intimacy and the seek for relationships. Many people do find their date through family, friends, or other social groups through online meetings or in a traditional way but nowadays in today’s generation, online dating has become popular where they enjoy having access to a number of potential partners connecting with them comfortably level.

These apps basically ask for a short biodata and your picture from which the other person swipes you yes or no. If both of them swipe right, they meet and spend time to know each other more. Online dating apps do have many successful and many unsuccessful relationships. There are many successful relationships that were tied with maturity, emotional attachment, and practicality. It is also seen that the online dating app has gone wrong for many of them. Yes, it is true that online dating apps have changed the dating world.

Many people do have the narrow-minded thinking that one should not date or use any online dating app or not make any profile on it. They have been believing that one should follow what one parent says in terms of marriage. According to my, one should see the positive side and accept the thinking and the concept of online dating and respect it as well as spread awareness that online dating is not bad at all. It’s all about two people meeting, spending quality time together, promise and value them and stay together.

“Love is in the air”,

this sentence is full of emotions, affection, and attachment. So, we are going to add some spice to the recent occasion of Valentine's week.

Today we are going to see how the number of room bookings is increasing in Valentine's week. Valentine is an occasion where couples spend their quality timeshare and make their bond stronger. Couples book sweet rooms highly on valentines to spend and enjoy their time.

According to my, when there is a real relationship along with promises to stay forever then physical intimacy is considerable. It is also seen that couples roaming out on this day are quickly judged by the surrounding people and get gossips to talk. This is because our culture hasn’t accepted Valentine's Day or any relation willingly.

To avoid let people know about your personal life it is also seen that people do book a private room and spend their time and they celebrate Valentine's Day as one of the important days to spread love. People who book a room on Valentine also have discount and offers which attracts them. It becomes profitable for the owner or the manager of the room of the hotel as a number of rooms on valentine’s week are mostly booked by couples.

When a couple is in a relationship the outer appearance is not the only factor that matters but it can lead to negative consequences. In a relationship, there should be good compatibility, understanding, and practicality to stay together forever.

There are many relationships that are considered fake or they are together only for benefits or money. This has influenced many other relations which came to a negative end thus spoiling the whole relation.

There is a different country that has a different culture which has a different point of view regarding this concept, for example in the US, people are very free to understand and accept the relation whereas in India people are narrow-minded and haven't accepted this bond.

They believe that one should only go for an arranged marriage and should not have a love marriage. This thinking affects many factors- it becomes difficult for a girl and a boy to roam around being friends or if found alone at home, people do judge and make it difficult to forget. It is an important topic to be discussed with your parents and relatives that valentine day importance is necessary to accept and also respect the relationships.


Ditching the Bollywood band and loving ott has been a part of the new normal in today’s world. The industry has been ruling for years and the actors and other artists who have been showing their creativeness in the industry have been losing their influence in the celebrity world. The charm and the influencing capability of Bollywood actors have decreased as comparatively the back foot artist and the web series actors have performed so well in their work and have made their place in the industry.

The best example which we can see is during the lockdown. People came up with they are inborn and learned talent and their efforts made them reach another level of success. One source which has helped these artists to step forward is the use of the internet and OTT platforms where they have expressed their talent and have become an inspiration for many. We have also come across the topic of nepotism where many actors were involved and self-made actors Sushant Singh Rajput Prachi Desai Vikrant Massey and many YouTube artists proved them to be self-deserving and self-sufficient for which people love them.

There are social media and YouTube which have provided a large platform to start-up artists and many of them have earned their name- like Sandeep Maheshwari who is known to be the leader in the entertainment industry. His videos on YouTube are always motivational with the spice of moral and human values. Specialization is the need of the hour to survive in the industry. Vivek Bindra who is known as Revolutionary Entrepreneur and the motivational speaker is known for free learning university on YouTube. He made videos on YouTube related to business topics. Some artists such as Bhuvan Bam, Ashish chanchalani, and many web series on Netflix and Prime video have been entertaining for everyone from teenagers to adults. There are even web series related to crime and violence like Delhi Crime, Hostages- which have morals and spread awareness of what is going around us.

Their efforts in present and in the future will make them become more entertaining and successful and these people would rule the industry.

Each and every country has its own specialty in every sense such as its culture, values, tradition, and also a way of working. Today we are going to talk about the most controversial jobs which differ in every country. India is a country where the economy is to be balanced and we all spend most of the time at the workplace. With every job, there are some common problems but some of the controversial jobs are:

  • Politician- the politician in India has a criminal record and are known to use their influence and power in bad ways.
  • Builders- the builders make sure that they provide good homes to people where they could stay and there are other problems in which many builders run away with advance money with no government approval.
  • Lawyers- there are many lawyers who follow the judicial process but it addresses who defend rapist and terrorist and there is a saying that lawyers and Liars rhyme with each other
  • Sperm donor- In India there is no problem with marriage or being a parent but if a sperm donor makes it possible for someone who cannot naturally become, he is considered to be “dirty”.
  • Gurus (babas)- they live a life of peace but have crores of property and criminal records.

These jobs become a controversial topic for many people to talk about and spoiling your surroundings. Even they have the same controversy and issue affecting both the payment as well as their well-being. In abroad, jobs which focus on to develop changes in recreation policies, methods or procedure and how to manage sales-tax audits.

Being a Bollywood fan, there are many Bollywood movies based on politicians or sales tax commissioner such as Guru, Raid in which they show that how politician play their role so wisely by giving money and to come in good books of others.

India being a diverse country has diverse Technologies which help human in every which way making things done faster than predicted. Today’s generation is full of technologies especially on live cams and different apps where we could connect and talk to each other. Let’s talk about today’s situation where the pandemic has made everything online from social to educational interaction. The period where people had to maintain social distance where some apps like Skype, Google duo WhatsApp video calling, etc. have helped people to interact with their close ones, being away from them. MS team has played a brilliant role in the educational field and business field too.
Live cams became a source where companies conducted the virtual meeting, presented ppt, and made their contract for a profit. The alternative source was accepted to meet your near and dear ones. When we look on the positive side, we find that interacting with our friends or relatives makes them feel happy thus good mental health and peace. We saw the advantages, let’s talk about some disadvantages. There is a saying that “believe in reality”, which also applies in this context too. Social media is a platform where 90% of people like to spend their time posting pictures for chatting with their friends. There are different apps which make your picture look better, bright, applying the filter and also can change your background. This looks good in the picture only but when you see things in reality maybe there is a change in your opinion. Technology can also make things “easy but can make you lazy too”. It is further seen that some people love to do things online and depend on total on technology when their physical presence becomes necessary. Everything has pros and cons but you should know how to use that thing in your limitation.


The world where we live is the combination of good and bad, sweet and bitter, and negative and positive.

It is said that when an individual wants to achieve something, he would chase it and would perform it with excellence. We all talk about industries and the upcoming controversies but no one has a focus on them who took initiative to make others' lives better with their motivational videos and actions.

It would be unfair to say that no one has taken initiative to make others' life better but there are a few who are appreciated by everyone for their hard work and efforts.

So, you are very clear that we are going to talk about the two famous personalities who have started up their career and reached success to help others. These two personalities are Sandeep Maheshwari and Sadhguru.



Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the names who have struggled to fail and again reach success with efforts. He was also a person who was not clear about his dreams but his curiosity and attitude for learning help him to reach his success.

He decided to help people in society and came out of his comfort zone and changed people's lives by organizing “Free Life-Changing seminar and sessions”. He did face a lot of challenges in his life but then he tried to achieve what we wanted.

He had to drop out from last year of college because his family was facing a crucial time very had to support financially. He tried joining a marketing company to manufacturing and marketing house product but could not be successful.



There was a phase where he entered in modeling line and found that there were more torture and exploitation for which he wanted to take a stand and make the other model life better.

After all this up and down he was able to be a successful entrepreneur or a guide a mentor and a role model for many youth people around the world. He started making videos that helped millions of people to know the reason “why”.

He made an emotional bond with everyone that matter to him rather than focusing on profits that he would make in his life.

One of his quotes, “If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most”. This quote is so influential and touching. This one line clearly means that everyone doesn't have what others have.

So, one may have that thinking that they should help others who are needy whenever they have enough to use. While making videos his interest in knowing new things made him do researches which was necessary for the videos that he made.

His videos always have catchy and motivational lines which make an individual attempt to see that video.

Some of the headings which we would find in his videos are what are some motivational stories about how an individuals’ attitude should be which habits would decide your future what should be kept in mind when you are angry a secret to staying motivated all the time. I was personally motivated

by seeing one of his videos in which he came up with an example of an experiment that Columbia performed.



There were two groups of children who were given puzzles to solve.

Both groups were appreciated after they solved the puzzle whereas the other group was said that they did extremely well because they were intelligent and Columbia said to the other group that they did extremely well because of their hard work.

In the second round when they were given puzzles which was a mixture of easy and difficult found that the first group did not solve the difficult puzzle and focused on the easy one but was soon bored of solving it whereas the other group tried both the puzzles and were able to solve.

This experiment shows that the second group who were said that they did extremely well by their hard work were motivated whereas the first group was said that they did extremely well because of their intelligence.

This motivated other students to work hard whereas the first group did not perform because they were not motivated instead said that they were intelligent.



Jaggi Vasudev is known by the name Sadhguru, an Indian author and a yogi. Sadguru has written inner engineering a yogi's guide to joy which gives us the knowledge that how one should find happiness and inner peace to keep your mental health well.

One of his biggest achievement is that in 1992 established Isha Foundation near Coimbatore that runs ashram, yoga center and is involved in many activities which related to spirituality, education, and environment.

The Yoga program work conducted for having better well-being mentally as well as physically. There is also another achievement that was made for benefit of others and it is Dhyanalinga. It is a sculptural structure stone that is 4.3 meters tall.

The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple is a meditative area that is open to all visitors irrespective of their religion or nationality. He also regularly conducted gatherings in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where he took ok spiritual aspirants on Yatra to the Himalayas and Mount Kailash.

This initiative towards Isha Foundation was so powerful that Narendra Modi praises the foundation's efforts for carrying the Swachh Bharat mission in Tamilnadu. It is very nicely said by Vivek Bindra, a motivational speaker, that- Negative + Negative= Positive (maths) Negative+ Negative = Negative (real life)

This means that in maths negative plus negative is positive whereas in real life negative plus negative is only negative.

When you have a negative influence around your surroundings nothing is going to be positive in your life and you are not going to get motivated to do a new thing and achieve success.

One should know how to convince the other person and make them believe in themselves. Each and every individual have different dreams and goals and for that, they have to work hard and show their efforts to reach there.

If a person wants a shoot of success then he has to find the root of it.” Everyone has fought a battle of success and many of them have achieved it too.

I would also like to spread this message that no one is inferior or superior their work makes them what they are. Some things that one should keep in mind and follow to be successful are:

1. Be positive

2. Always be hardworking

3. Be motivated

4. Be calm and patient

5. Should always be focused

Importance of Red Coulor in Indian Marriages

India is a country where there is a great importance of relationship and wedding. As there is a change in a generation there is a change in ritual and dressing sense.

In India, this auspicious moment is incomplete without the color red. Red has been a constant companion of Indian brides. it is a color that is vibrant and bright which is considered to be perfect for the wedding ceremony. as generation changes the western culture for wedding lehengas have come into tradition.

Nowadays the bride does wear a red lehenga and this tradition is followed by many even in today's generation. Have you ever thought that why do we wear red lehenga or why the sindoor is red?

This clearly means that red is not a noun or adjective or color but it is considered to be true to the color of purity veracity love and it signifies Indian heritage and culture. It is found that in wedding red is the prominent color from saree to bangles and from sindoor to greeting people with a tilak.


Why Red Colour is Important In Indian Marriages – How It Came In Trend

The color red has its own significance in different countries and different religion full stop for example it is considered to be good and precious in China whereas morning in South Africa.

The bride can do changes in their outfit but the color red should be prominent in her dress to signify its importance.

It is to be believed that the first mark of sindoor on the wedding day is the beginning of a new relation nowadays women do not wear long and white sindoor but they do wear a short one on regular basis.

Ghagra choli has become popular in recent times and has introduced other new levels of dignity Elegance and independence in the modern Indian bride. Red sarees as well as these lehengas make them bright look beautiful and perfect.


Why 7 Fere & Vachans Are Important

Now let's talk about the 7 “Fere” and Vachchans which are taken during the wedding ceremony.

The seven hu are taken by taking a circle around the fire for 7 times. Why taking turns the bride and the groom both have to make promises with each other on one thing.

All of the seven rules are not for extending their relationship but it will able to help them to have a happy life and child

1. Prayer for nourishment and provision

2. Pillar of strength

3. Wealth and prosperity

4. Happiness with elders and family

5. Moral responsibilities and child

6. Long life together

7. Friendship love and understanding


Red Clothes For Today's Generation Bride

Bride in today's generation thinks how one cloth can be used in different ways.

So they make sure that their outfit is used in many ways and select a good designer who can suggest a good combination and a good style which would look perfect according to occasion and generation.

There is a saying old is gold. this is seen in our scenario in which many brides have continued to follow the tradition of wearing red and giving importance to the tradition.