The upcoming festival of Holi is the most joyful and celebrated in India. It is celebrated in every part of the country. This festival is also known as the festival of colors, where people meet and enjoy. They try to forget all the negative and bad feelings regarding each other. This festival lasts for a day and night which starts in the evening of Purnima. It is also known as full moon day in the month of Falgun. People do enjoy this festival with colors and sweets along with songs and positive Vibes around. This ritual is famous as people do light up the Bonfire one day before the day of Holi with symbolizes the trim of good over bad.


But in 2021 as we can see that the cases are rising day by day and it has become critical for people to even celebrate this festival. According to news and cases all around, it is found that the government has banned the celebration of Holi in public places to reduce the spread of viral. The order has added that people can celebrate the festival within the house along with their family. All the celebrations are prohibited in public places even on road. Regarding the temple, the ritual will be undertaken as usual while following proper covid-19 guidelines. This festival will make individuals unite each other and celebrate along with playing colors during which physical distance would not be maintained and has the cases would rise again. Odisha Government has imposed the same rule and many of the states have does the same.


According to my, Holi is a festival which is loved by everyone and I personally love to play Holi too. Even I have searched for many events where I can at least celebrate Holi with some of my friends. But when you look at the practical picture it is necessary to maintain a social distance. This has affected a lot of people and now even I think that people should understand and play Holi safely. They do not have any restrictions but should play at their homes or in to have fun. It should be safe and sweet Holi and one should enjoy his own environment.

In this world, every individual comes out with his own capabilities and strength. As we grow older, we too experience the world and come to know that there are people who are much different from us and how have they achieved the fullest in their life.

Today we are going to talk about a person whose surroundings and news are considered to be controversial. So, he is an American actor, businessman, poker player, and social media influencer, Daniel Bilzerian.


Dan Bilzerian Personal Life

He is the son of a corporate Takeover specialist, Paul Bilzerian. His father was a corporate Raider on wall street who provided Daniel and his brother with trust funds.

It is to be found that he studied At the University of Florida for 4 years, majoring in business and criminology, but it is not clear that if he has ever been graduated.

Dan-Bilzerian-Wedding-Photos-5 (1)

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most controversial internet personalities in today’s time. He is an American venture capitalist and Instagrammer who have planted a massive community across social media profiles.

He is been labeled as the “king of simps” because of his regular post about a rich lifestyle. In 2008 builder in played the World Series of Poker event at 180th place and he voted one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by “bluff” magazine in 2010.

He even posted and confirmed the claim that he won 10.8 dollars million from a single night of playing poker in 2013 and has also defended Alex publicly claiming that he was present at that time when a gambling event took place but Alex wasn’t there.

These are some of the events which took place and had been controversial and heat of the moment at that particular period of time.


Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

In today’s time, Bilzerian runs the company Ignites International Brand limited, which sells electronic cigarettes, water bottles, and vodka among other products.

This company was headquartered in Toronto and Canada which began trading in January 2019 and the company reportedly lost over $50 million in 2019 mostly on market and office rental expenses. This was also one of the most controversial things that happened in the year 2019.

dan bilzerian net worth

For many years, Dan Bilzerian has maintained his personality of “Casanova” like an ultra-rich lifestyle on various social media.

However, people do wonder about his source of money as his company has not been in the best financial situation for a long period of time.

The recent allegations about using investor’s money for his extravagant lifestyle exchanging his future life it is also seen that more and more people have begun to say that we might see a day when Dan Bilzerian would find himself in prison.

Paycheck Protection Program loans gave Ignite company- 1.2 dollar million after claiming to be incapable of paying off employee’s salaries. The company’s falling share prices and the lack of information have led to a 39-year-old man on verge of bankruptcy. Even the recently posted on Twitter mocking people who expect him to announce bankruptcy as “that all the dumb journalist patiently waiting for Ignite to go bankrupt with a picture of skeleton relaxing.”


Dan Bilzerian House



It has been a historical day when women were given importance and the right to demand and they gave a fight back if they are right is to be violated. This is the generation that understands and supports that a girl and a woman are as important as a man and a boy and they should be equally treated and respected. They do face many challenges such as patriarchy, job opportunity, the position of power, and lack of respect for which they give to everyone. But today we are going to travel along with challenges faced by female athletes in the world of sports. It is very obvious that living in the 21st century, filled with technology and robots, but there is one thing where we are being criticized in the process of gender equality. It is difficult for everyone to realize because many of them have been remained rooted in the past mentality that women cannot perform and be equal to men in terms of strength. It is seen that women are judged by the way we dress, the way we speak, or even just by the number of beers that we consume at social gatherings. It is been said that sports are only meant for men and not for women and this is evident when we enter the picture of the sports industry. Why is Sports only for men?  Why is it considered to be a synonym word of men?

  • The first challenge they faced is their appearance or representation. You may all know about Kabaddi and cricket players, the runs they make, and World Cup they have won. But what about the female achievements and efforts? There is one incident that has reached the media which was the humiliation for Dutee Chand, who was to be the first Indian woman in 36 years to run a hundred meters at Rio Olympics. Through getting an unknown tip sporting authority told her to get tested for hyperandrogenism, a woman’s body produces more testosterone than is acceptable under the International Association of Athletics Federation guidelines. Being a girl, this was very humiliating but she refused this therapy and challenged the IAAF regulations.
  • The second challenge is that female athlete have to face that they are being less paid than what is being received by the males. There is even discrimination in providing incomes for males and females. let’s take an example that the prize money of FIFA World Cup male winners is around $35 to $50 million whereas women FIFA World Cup is around $2 million.
  • Female athletes are judged and monitored as a commodity to be used for men’s pleasure and not as a commodity of potential and talent. People do judge female by the cloth they wear and later an international badminton player had replied that she loves fashion and she does not step out of her house dressed shabbily so it doesn’t affect her game and gave a reply to everyone who has been criticizing her who have called her the “hottest pinup girl” or extended adolescence.


Do we say that we would look after these problems and challenges but there are many of them which are continued? Despite all these challenges women are rising and making a great history with their efforts and determination to reach their success line. It is very hard to believe for me and everyone that this condition and situation is changed overnight but people giving a thought to it is also a great achievement that an individual would have.

There are many things that are just felt and cannot be said. When you want to convey your message to someone who is special and make your life happy is through songs. Songs are basically a bunch of sentences and words which are full of meaning and lyrics. It is said to be the most romantic way to express your feeling to someone but it has taken a controversial role in the upcoming time.

The songs which have created a controversial scene in the industry are:

  • Bhag Bhag DK Bose
  • button daba Denge
  • Gutur Gutur
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya
  • Sexy, sexy
  • Khada Hai, khada Hai

These songs were either based on how a father or parents criticize their children and their feelings are expressed through songs, but here the words used are not considerable. There are even songs that are based on girls either body shaming them. to show them low or talk about their characters. These songs are considered to be controversial because it has lyrics which are considered to be inappropriate. These lyrics have offended many people and their surroundings. Many songs have been banned due to these issues and controversies. One source which has helped to spread this awareness is the reporters and social media.

There are many Hollywood controversial songs which are sung by many famous singers such as Lady Gaga, who is an American singer, have a huge fan following but there are many who have opposed the controversial songs such as Born This Way, Bad Romance because it includes political lyrics and also her obsession with religion has created many controversies. There is even a song that was based on Obama and it had created a great controversy during that period of time. Though songs are made so that we feel and enjoy the lyrics of the songs but the tables have turned over making controversy.

Ditching the Bollywood band and loving ott has been a part of the new normal in today’s world. The industry has been ruling for years and the actors and other artists who have been showing their creativeness in the industry have been losing their influence in the celebrity world. The charm and the influencing capability of Bollywood actors have decreased as comparatively the back foot artist and the web series actors have performed so well in their work and have made their place in the industry.

The best example which we can see is during the lockdown. People came up with they are inborn and learned talent and their efforts made them reach another level of success. One source which has helped these artists to step forward is the use of the internet and OTT platforms where they have expressed their talent and have become an inspiration for many. We have also come across the topic of nepotism where many actors were involved and self-made actors Sushant Singh Rajput Prachi Desai Vikrant Massey and many YouTube artists proved them to be self-deserving and self-sufficient for which people love them.

There are social media and YouTube which have provided a large platform to start-up artists and many of them have earned their name- like Sandeep Maheshwari who is known to be the leader in the entertainment industry. His videos on YouTube are always motivational with the spice of moral and human values. Specialization is the need of the hour to survive in the industry. Vivek Bindra who is known as Revolutionary Entrepreneur and the motivational speaker is known for free learning university on YouTube. He made videos on YouTube related to business topics. Some artists such as Bhuvan Bam, Ashish chanchalani, and many web series on Netflix and Prime video have been entertaining for everyone from teenagers to adults. There are even web series related to crime and violence like Delhi Crime, Hostages- which have morals and spread awareness of what is going around us.

Their efforts in present and in the future will make them become more entertaining and successful and these people would rule the industry.


The Punjab Music industry has significantly grown over the years. There has been a wave of a young artist coming up in the industry. The music in the Punjab industry transformed from the roots and ‘desi’ culture of Punjab to a flaunting and brandishing industry about luxurious cars and mighty guns.

The gun culture in the music industry is on a substantial rise, which has become a controversial topic. With the recent arrest of lyricist Shree Brar, the question around glorifying guns and violence has resurfaced.


The Influence of Gun Culture On the Audience.

The Punjabi music industry has normalized the use of guns in their music. They exalt the use of heavy weapons in their lyrics and videos and reflect that the possession of these weapons is facile. 

It has also created a stereotype regarding the northern belt that everyone has easy access to weapons and they always carry it with them. 

It also creates a superficial image of masculinity and the obsession with guns, and they can keep everyone under them. The saddest part is people enjoy this type of music, and they have normalized it. 

The feeling of ‘cool dude’ is usually expressed in such songs which people then try to imitate in reality.

Maybe if not the act of carrying guns, but the aggression (shown in terms of facial expression and walking with an attitude, so to say) portrayed in such songs has a high chance of being reflected in the lives of the youth generation more particularly.

Women may also get impacted similarly, but the degree of intensity of the same may vary. Many a time, the voice of singers who dedicate songs to Punjabi culture is lost in the commotion of loud lyrics.


What Do Artists Say

The artists want to make money and want their song to reach the maximum audience. They want millions of views, and they perfectly know what the audience wants.

Veet Baljit, in an interview, said that “We are often accused of glorifying gangsters or promoting the gun culture, but these are the market demands.

If I release a religious song, it hardly gets 2-3 lakh views on YouTube, whereas songs related to guns get 25 lakh views. To survive in the industry, one has to write songs that would be liked by the public.”



There has to be a systemic change in the thinking of the artists and the audience. The mere booking and arresting of singers in not going to change this culture. A lot of singers have been booked in the past, but the gun culture is still prevalent in the industry