Mucormycosis: Why are Covid-19 patients being affected by black fungus infection?

We now have to cope with another until not so prevalent opportunistic opponent, the so-called ‘Black fungus’ infection, academically dubbed mucormycosis,” said Dr Dhananjaya I Bhat, senior consultant, neurosurgery, Aster RV Hospital.

“The most terrible, cruel expression is Rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis,” he continued (ROCM). With this in mind, we’ll look at a lesser-known organism: the fungus, and its relevance in these volatile and unpredictable times.”


What is a fungus?

These are organisms that are distinct from the plant and animal kingdoms. They are found everywhere in nature, including the soil, plants, decaying organic matter, water, air, and damp places, as well as in humans and animals.

They, along with bacteria, play an important role in our ecosystem by degrading organic matter into simpler forms for plant consumption. “Among them are household yeast, moulds, mushrooms, and a variety of others.

There are approximately 1,44,000 species of fungi (plural for fungus), some of which are pathogenic to humans. Candida, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, Histoplasma, Pneumocystis, and Mucormycetes are the most common,” he explained.


What types of infection do these fungi cause?

In general, some fungi do not cause infections in humans, but they can cause illness in people with weakened immune systems, which is known as opportunistic infections.

Some common types of a fungal infection include:

  • Skin infections such as ringworm
  • Nail infections
  • Deep cutaneous infections caused by trauma
  • Breach in the skin with subsequent fungal implantation and growth
  • Sinus infections and deep lung infections Fungi can also affect the gastrointestinal and renal systems, and can cause a full-blown infection as a result of fungus entry into the bloodstream.


If the fungi are so common why is it that we rarely get infected by them?

“We keep these omnipresent organisms at bay and remain infection-free thanks to our body’s defence mechanisms, which are constantly and assiduously fighting them.

When our immune system relaxes its guard, these organisms gain the upper hand and unleash morbid and, in some cases, lethal infections,” he told


Who is susceptible to fungal infections?

As previously stated, people with a weakened immune system are more vulnerable to infection. Among the conditions that lower our immunity are:

  • *Diabetes: The combination of high blood sugar levels and an acidic environment, as seen in diabetic ketoacidosis, is ideal for the rapid growth of these organisms. Diabetes is also linked to a weakened immune system.
  • *Steroid medication raises blood sugar levels and reduces the body’s immune response.
  • *Blood cancers, which, once again, result in a faulty immune system
  • *Patients on immunosuppressive medications, as seen in organ and haematologic stem cell recipients.
  • *Patients who have an excess of iron or are taking deferoxamine (specifically used in iron overdose).
  • *Trauma, burns, and malnourished individuals


What is ROCM or Black fungus infection?

Mucormycosis (previously known as Zygomycosis) is a serious but uncommon fungal infection caused by a type of mould known as a micromycete. Molds of the order Mucorales cause rhino-orbital-cerebral-mucormycosis (ROCM).

There are a few subgroups that are commonly involved in this infection, such as Rhizopus, Mucor, and Rhizomucor. These fungi are angioinvasive, which means they invade and destroy the surrounding blood vessels, resulting in tissue necrosis and death.

These moulds are found throughout the environment, and their spores can be found in the air. They become lodged in the nasal cavity and neighbouring sinuses.

When they reach a favourable environment, they settle into the tissue. When the spores germinate, the hyphae (filamentous processes) grow and release destructive juices that digest the host tissue while also providing nutrition to the rapidly growing fungi.

They relentlessly destroy the surrounding host tissue as they grow in the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity and sinuses’ bones are destroyed. The hard palate, orbital bones, and skull base bones are examples of these.

There may be black masses in the nasal cavity and oral cavity. It may cause bulging of the eyes, pain, frozen eye movements, and blindness if it destroys the orbit and enters the eye socket.

do and dont dos black fungus

Why is it occurring in COVID 19 patients?

Mucormycosis can develop at any time after COVID-19 infection, whether during the hospital stay or several days to a few weeks later. “The COVID-19 causes a favourable change in the host’s internal environment for the fungus, and the medical treatment given unwittingly promotes fungal growth.

COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the airway mucosa and blood vessels. It also causes an increase in serum iron, which is critical for the fungus’s growth. Steroids, for example, raise blood sugar levels.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics kill not only potentially pathogenic bacteria but also beneficial commensals. Antifungals such as Voriconazole inhibit Aspergillosis, but Mucor survives and thrives due to a lack of competition.

Long-term ventilation reduces immunity, and there is speculation that the fungus is transmitted by humidifier water mixed with oxygen. All of the aforementioned factors combine to create an ideal environment for mucormycosis infection,” he explained.


Can there be other fungal infections in COVID 19 patients?

Mucor has not caused as much havoc in Western countries as it has in India. Other fungal infections, such as aspergillosis and candidiasis, have been found to be more common in COVID-19 patients.

Lung infections caused by fungi are difficult to diagnose clinically. The patient has a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, all of which are symptoms of COVID. As a result, overlap creates diagnostic quandaries.

The clinician should be alert to the possibility of fungal infection and have a low threshold for suspicion, especially when a COVID-19 patient is improving and then suddenly develops respiratory failure.


Are these infections life-threatening?

These infections are extremely lethal, and most people will die if they are not treated.

The mortality rate ranges from 25% to 90%. Once the infection has spread to the brain, the mortality rate is extremely high. As a result, early diagnosis and prompt treatment are given a high priority.



In Telangana, a south Indian state, families celebrate when their daughters reach puberty or menarche. There are many names but the earliest name is Ritusuddhi, also known as Ritu Kala Samskara.  A saree ceremony is marked after a girl menstruates for the first time. It is considered a milestone in a girl’s life as she becomes a lady. During the saree ceremony, the girl wears a saree for the first time.  It is celebrated in southern India where girls take a step towards womanhood. People believe in deeming the girl physically and spiritually.

It is a ritual a where ladies perform various rituals and celebrations within the function. The saree ceremony is celebrated with the blessings of relatives, friends, and cousins. The girl for whom the function is kept is meant to wear a half saree. Basically, when the function starts, the girls wear a langa voni.
Langa voni is a traditional dress of the South of India. It is also called the half saree and involves a flared skirt, blouse, and a dupatta draped like a saree. The girl is then supposed to change her half saree and wear a gifted one from her relatives.

Gifts have a bunch of importance during the saree ceremony. There are only a few certain kinds of gifts which can be given to the girl and which are appreciated by her family. Out of those, the half saree is something which is of utmost importance as she must change it in the other half of the ceremony. Usually, the elder women of the family gift the half saree to the girl.
The girl is supposed to wear a langa voni or half saree until her marriage. She is typically expected to wear the half saree during different occasions and functions. After marriage, she usually wears a proper saree.



The question that arises in our minds is Why do only South Indians (Tamil, Telugu, etc., speaking) perform this ritual in India and why not other states? It is a relevant question, and it is due to misunderstandings and the lack of knowledge provided by our gurus and priests (past and present) that this ritual is not given its deserved importance and made known to the general Hindu populace. It is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding that this ritual is not practiced outside India and completely within India too. This is particularly worrisome. Also, the topic of menstruation is not spoken about much yet and persons of tarnished demeanor can enter a temple while a female in her menstruation cycle cannot.

This ceremony is the last part of the coming of age celebration for a female. Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, this important prayer is generally only followed by South Indian families. This ritual is performed after the young female first menstruation and marks her transition into womanhood. The transition from childhood to adulthood in any culture is a reason to celebrate, although different cultures may do so in ways, they deem fit, according to their beliefs and value systems. The cultural beliefs and practices of our society are what make us unique and what gives us an identity. Most Hindu ceremonies are performed by men, but this ritual is performed by females only. It is a very joyous time for the family. The south part do-follow matriarchy so this ritual has great importance. Whereas in patriarchal families, the celebration is considered to be normal.


  • The celebration of this ritual imparts a very positive notion about menstruation in the mind of the female. The female is treated with much love and care and is given gifts. She is worshipped as Supreme Goddess with aarti. They are also welcomed into womanhood along with puberty in a positive and welcoming spirit. She is made to feel confident and happy with her feminine identity.
  • It also Imparts knowledge that equips the young female well to adjust to her oncoming physical and emotional changes during puberty; imparting knowledge regarding various menstruation practices that she should follow and the reasons and benefits of those practices.


Ever since I read about this ritual and the thought process behind it, I have been in awe.  Maybe it would have been normal and not so amazing if the practice would have been still carried out all over the country. The topic of menstruation and periods is not openly spoken about even in the 21st century.

There is also a need to promote this ritual. People do consider it to be taboo if something is natural and happens with every female. Ritu Kala Samskara also allows the female to get ready for all changes that are to come. It is very important for the girl who got her first period to be aware of all this. She should not feel like she’s dirty or done something wrong.  This may also be the result of “modernization” and “convent education” that takes on Christian ideas of taboo subjects and impurity.


But, if we were to consider the essence of the traditions and the knowledge preserved in them on their own standing, it will become clear that the Hindu ceremonies associated with the onset of menstruation perceive menstruation and menstruating women in a highly positive manner. It associates menstruation with womanhood and a woman’s ability to give birth to live.



Patriarchy is a social system in which the father is considered to be the head of the family. He looks after the house and property and governs the family. Patriarchal societies also often give all property rights to the males of a family, meaning, a woman is excluded from all rights regardless of her position in the family, whether wife or daughter.

Patriarchy is associated with a set of ideas, patriarchal thinking that explains and justifies this dominance and believes it to inherent natural differences between men and women. Patriarchy is a system of social organization that recognizes, encourages, and reproduces the natural and necessary domination of men over women.


  1. A patriarchal society believes that it is the only man who can run social, political, and economic life. Women are believed to be weaker, both physically and mentally, and thus are not capable of making important decisions on behalf of others.
  2. Obedience is one of the most essentials in a patriarchal society. Women and children are not expected to go against anything the patriarch says or does.
  3. In such a society, decisions such as the marriages of the children are decided by the man of the family alone. In rare cases, some advice or suggestions by the patriarch’s wife may be permitted. Marriages are fixed based upon the property and economic conditions of both parties.
  4. In this society, legal provisions and laws are mostly in favor of men, which leaves the women with neither rights nor resources if need be. In case of marriage has to end, the custody of the children remains with the father, and the wife gets nothing.
  5. Women are expected to move from their family home to their husband’s home after marriage. It is always the wife who has to adjust and compromise without any objection.

Stop apologizing again and again if embarrassed HISTORY:

The exact time of the origin of the concept of patriarchy is still unknown. Some experts suggest that it may have been sometime around 4000 BC when the idea of fatherhood began to take root in society. Records of ancient writers and philosophers talk about the superiority of men over women and how the role of a woman is to nurture children and take care of the household, while the man looks over other important tasks.

Another theory of the origin of patriarchy states that initially, to manage the population because of the high death rates, women tended to give birth to several children. As a result, women’s focus began revolving around taking care of several children as well as the household, while men began to take responsibility for tasks such as hunting, gathering, and providing the family with food. Thus, males began to assume dominance over the women and children, and women were pushed more and more into the background.

Historically, patriarchy has manifested itself in the social, legal, political, religious, and economic organization of a range of different to different cultures. Even if not clearly defined to be by their own constitutions and laws, most contemporary societies are in practice, patriarchal. In North India, Hinduism followed patriarchal control within the family, leading to increased subordination of women. Patriarchy is based on a system of power relations that are hierarchal and unequal where men control women’s production, reproduction, and sexuality. Patriarchal societies spread the ideology of motherhood which restricts women’s mobility and burdens them with the responsibilities nurture and rear children.


The matriarchal family is also known as the mother-dominated family. A matriarchy is a social system organized or based on rules in which mothers, or females, are at the top of the power structure. A mother or woman is the head of the family and she exercises authority. She is the owner of the property and the manager of the household. All the other members are subordinated to her. The descent is traced through the mother. Hence it is matrilineal in descent. Daughters inherit the property of the mother. They succeed their mother and the sons. The status of the children is mostly decided by the status of the mother. Based on some studies now it is known that matriar­chal families are found among the Eskimos, Malay Islanders, Labrador Indians, the American Iroquois, the Khasi tribal of India, and others.

Matriarchy is not a system where women control and lord over men. According to some sayings it is found that:

“The aim is not to have power over others and nature, but to follow maternal values, i.e., to nurture the natural, social and cultural life based on mutual respect.”


  • Fathers are excluded. Matriarchal societies are structured in joint families, without knowing genetic paternity. Children belong to their mother’s family from which the father is excluded. Thus, children are educated by the men of their family or maternal uncles and not by their father.
  • Internal family affairs are handled by women while external affairs are usually handled by men.
  • The woman’s value is deeply respected as a source of life.
  • Family property is inherited from mothers to daughter


While anthropologists question the existence of a true matriarchal society, there is a school of thought that believes the human society was originally matriarchal. Archaeologists and researchers have stumbled across evidence that supports the theory that or matriarchal societies may have once existed.

However, saints point out that just because women were described as goddesses in ancient literature and artwork, does not necessarily mean they were more powerful than men. The thing is with no written historical records, we can never be 100% sure about the rules or laws of a truly matriarchal society.

my opinion

India has patriarchal families and matriarchal in very few parts. My purpose for choosing this topic is to myself gain knowledge about the topic. And also would try to make aware how this system works and what is its importance in society. My eagerness to know about this topic would help me to find more related articles and researches about patriarchy in North India vs matriarchy in Kerala.


The upcoming festival of Holi is the most joyful and celebrated in India. It is celebrated in every part of the country. This festival is also known as the festival of colors, where people meet and enjoy. They try to forget all the negative and bad feelings regarding each other. This festival lasts for a day and night which starts in the evening of Purnima. It is also known as full moon day in the month of Falgun. People do enjoy this festival with colors and sweets along with songs and positive Vibes around. This ritual is famous as people do light up the Bonfire one day before the day of Holi with symbolizes the trim of good over bad.


But in 2021 as we can see that the cases are rising day by day and it has become critical for people to even celebrate this festival. According to news and cases all around, it is found that the government has banned the celebration of Holi in public places to reduce the spread of viral. The order has added that people can celebrate the festival within the house along with their family. All the celebrations are prohibited in public places even on road. Regarding the temple, the ritual will be undertaken as usual while following proper covid-19 guidelines. This festival will make individuals unite each other and celebrate along with playing colors during which physical distance would not be maintained and has the cases would rise again. Odisha Government has imposed the same rule and many of the states have does the same.


According to my, Holi is a festival which is loved by everyone and I personally love to play Holi too. Even I have searched for many events where I can at least celebrate Holi with some of my friends. But when you look at the practical picture it is necessary to maintain a social distance. This has affected a lot of people and now even I think that people should understand and play Holi safely. They do not have any restrictions but should play at their homes or in to have fun. It should be safe and sweet Holi and one should enjoy his own environment.

In this world, every individual comes out with his own capabilities and strength. As we grow older, we too experience the world and come to know that there are people who are much different from us and how have they achieved the fullest in their life.

Today we are going to talk about a person whose surroundings and news are considered to be controversial. So, he is an American actor, businessman, poker player, and social media influencer, Daniel Bilzerian.


Dan Bilzerian Personal Life

He is the son of a corporate Takeover specialist, Paul Bilzerian. His father was a corporate Raider on wall street who provided Daniel and his brother with trust funds.

It is to be found that he studied At the University of Florida for 4 years, majoring in business and criminology, but it is not clear that if he has ever been graduated.

Dan-Bilzerian-Wedding-Photos-5 (1)

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most controversial internet personalities in today’s time. He is an American venture capitalist and Instagrammer who have planted a massive community across social media profiles.

He is been labeled as the “king of simps” because of his regular post about a rich lifestyle. In 2008 builder in played the World Series of Poker event at 180th place and he voted one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by “bluff” magazine in 2010.

He even posted and confirmed the claim that he won 10.8 dollars million from a single night of playing poker in 2013 and has also defended Alex publicly claiming that he was present at that time when a gambling event took place but Alex wasn’t there.

These are some of the events which took place and had been controversial and heat of the moment at that particular period of time.


Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

In today’s time, Bilzerian runs the company Ignites International Brand limited, which sells electronic cigarettes, water bottles, and vodka among other products.

This company was headquartered in Toronto and Canada which began trading in January 2019 and the company reportedly lost over $50 million in 2019 mostly on market and office rental expenses. This was also one of the most controversial things that happened in the year 2019.

dan bilzerian net worth

For many years, Dan Bilzerian has maintained his personality of “Casanova” like an ultra-rich lifestyle on various social media.

However, people do wonder about his source of money as his company has not been in the best financial situation for a long period of time.

The recent allegations about using investor’s money for his extravagant lifestyle exchanging his future life it is also seen that more and more people have begun to say that we might see a day when Dan Bilzerian would find himself in prison.

Paycheck Protection Program loans gave Ignite company- 1.2 dollar million after claiming to be incapable of paying off employee’s salaries. The company’s falling share prices and the lack of information have led to a 39-year-old man on verge of bankruptcy. Even the recently posted on Twitter mocking people who expect him to announce bankruptcy as “that all the dumb journalist patiently waiting for Ignite to go bankrupt with a picture of skeleton relaxing.”


Dan Bilzerian House




Time changes and so the dating culture too. The belief in love remains the same, but the way to pursue romance certainly changes. With the advancement of technology, relationships nowadays are made on dating apps. These dating apps such as- Bumble and tinder are known as the “digital maker” where the “swipe right” is the way that makes people understand the intimacy and the seek for relationships. Many people do find their date through family, friends, or other social groups through online meetings or in a traditional way but nowadays in today’s generation, online dating has become popular where they enjoy having access to a number of potential partners connecting with them comfortably level.

These apps basically ask for a short biodata and your picture from which the other person swipes you yes or no. If both of them swipe right, they meet and spend time to know each other more. Online dating apps do have many successful and many unsuccessful relationships. There are many successful relationships that were tied with maturity, emotional attachment, and practicality. It is also seen that the online dating app has gone wrong for many of them. Yes, it is true that online dating apps have changed the dating world.

Many people do have the narrow-minded thinking that one should not date or use any online dating app or not make any profile on it. They have been believing that one should follow what one parent says in terms of marriage. According to my, one should see the positive side and accept the thinking and the concept of online dating and respect it as well as spread awareness that online dating is not bad at all. It’s all about two people meeting, spending quality time together, promise and value them and stay together.

“Love is in the air”,

this sentence is full of emotions, affection, and attachment. So, we are going to add some spice to the recent occasion of Valentine's week.

Today we are going to see how the number of room bookings is increasing in Valentine's week. Valentine is an occasion where couples spend their quality timeshare and make their bond stronger. Couples book sweet rooms highly on valentines to spend and enjoy their time.

According to my, when there is a real relationship along with promises to stay forever then physical intimacy is considerable. It is also seen that couples roaming out on this day are quickly judged by the surrounding people and get gossips to talk. This is because our culture hasn’t accepted Valentine's Day or any relation willingly.

To avoid let people know about your personal life it is also seen that people do book a private room and spend their time and they celebrate Valentine's Day as one of the important days to spread love. People who book a room on Valentine also have discount and offers which attracts them. It becomes profitable for the owner or the manager of the room of the hotel as a number of rooms on valentine’s week are mostly booked by couples.

When a couple is in a relationship the outer appearance is not the only factor that matters but it can lead to negative consequences. In a relationship, there should be good compatibility, understanding, and practicality to stay together forever.

There are many relationships that are considered fake or they are together only for benefits or money. This has influenced many other relations which came to a negative end thus spoiling the whole relation.

There is a different country that has a different culture which has a different point of view regarding this concept, for example in the US, people are very free to understand and accept the relation whereas in India people are narrow-minded and haven't accepted this bond.

They believe that one should only go for an arranged marriage and should not have a love marriage. This thinking affects many factors- it becomes difficult for a girl and a boy to roam around being friends or if found alone at home, people do judge and make it difficult to forget. It is an important topic to be discussed with your parents and relatives that valentine day importance is necessary to accept and also respect the relationships.


Importance of Red Coulor in Indian Marriages

India is a country where there is a great importance of relationship and wedding. As there is a change in a generation there is a change in ritual and dressing sense.

In India, this auspicious moment is incomplete without the color red. Red has been a constant companion of Indian brides. it is a color that is vibrant and bright which is considered to be perfect for the wedding ceremony. as generation changes the western culture for wedding lehengas have come into tradition.

Nowadays the bride does wear a red lehenga and this tradition is followed by many even in today's generation. Have you ever thought that why do we wear red lehenga or why the sindoor is red?

This clearly means that red is not a noun or adjective or color but it is considered to be true to the color of purity veracity love and it signifies Indian heritage and culture. It is found that in wedding red is the prominent color from saree to bangles and from sindoor to greeting people with a tilak.


Why Red Colour is Important In Indian Marriages – How It Came In Trend

The color red has its own significance in different countries and different religion full stop for example it is considered to be good and precious in China whereas morning in South Africa.

The bride can do changes in their outfit but the color red should be prominent in her dress to signify its importance.

It is to be believed that the first mark of sindoor on the wedding day is the beginning of a new relation nowadays women do not wear long and white sindoor but they do wear a short one on regular basis.

Ghagra choli has become popular in recent times and has introduced other new levels of dignity Elegance and independence in the modern Indian bride. Red sarees as well as these lehengas make them bright look beautiful and perfect.


Why 7 Fere & Vachans Are Important

Now let's talk about the 7 “Fere” and Vachchans which are taken during the wedding ceremony.

The seven hu are taken by taking a circle around the fire for 7 times. Why taking turns the bride and the groom both have to make promises with each other on one thing.

All of the seven rules are not for extending their relationship but it will able to help them to have a happy life and child

1. Prayer for nourishment and provision

2. Pillar of strength

3. Wealth and prosperity

4. Happiness with elders and family

5. Moral responsibilities and child

6. Long life together

7. Friendship love and understanding


Red Clothes For Today's Generation Bride

Bride in today's generation thinks how one cloth can be used in different ways.

So they make sure that their outfit is used in many ways and select a good designer who can suggest a good combination and a good style which would look perfect according to occasion and generation.

There is a saying old is gold. this is seen in our scenario in which many brides have continued to follow the tradition of wearing red and giving importance to the tradition.  

Divorece – The End or New Phase of Life

In today's generation divorce has become a natural and simple part of life for some families. Divorce is the legal separation for dissolution of marriage for two partners.

This affects both the feelings of partners as well as the whole family. Is marriage worthless commitment? Having affairs after marriage? No,it just destroys and affects the environment around you thus creating negativity.

There are chances of divorce in case where the girl is earning more than the husband. This creates an inferiority complex thus losing the bond. The divorce rate according to the current situation is 2.9 per thousand population.


DIvorce Is Not The End

A relation is a bond of emotion, feeling, affection and attachment whether it's connected mentally or physically.This comes to an end when they separate.

Divorce becomes more difficult for chindle and affects them mentally to the earlier or past generationldren to ha believed in arrange marriage or to marry that person either for parent’s business purpose or other commitment.

If this would be applied in today's generation, it would lead to divorce because girls nowadays have become more independent, they believe to give their opinion, and take their own stand.


Divorce – Live in Relationship

Today's generation is the one in which couples believe in live-in relationship where there is no commitment and no family involvement.

Nowadays, the people in a relationship have thinking that they should go for live in relationship where they could explore their bond emotionally as well as financially.

In a live-in relationship, there is freedom where either of the partners can leave if they do not want to stay together.

If we take an example that for a small fight or a small argument if partners come to a decision for taking divorce, it is pointless because every relationship isthe sum of sweetness and bitterness.



You Should Not Miss



Our mind is constantly thinking. We are constantly consuming information to feed our minds. We want to grasp as much as knowledge our mind can until we feel it is time to stop.

But then we think about ways to silence our minds. Nowadays, the best way to absorb information is GOOGLE. It is a search engine, which has information related to everything.

You type, click search, and boom, there are loads of articles, videos, images about the same. But this persistent famish of taking new information or enhancing the old information can be perilous a lot of time.

The biggest question lies in, does our search ends n google, and I’m scared the answer is a big NO.


Why is our mind ceaseless?

If I say in gen Z language, it is the FOMO (fear of missing out) that tells our mind to consume new information every time we open our devices. The mind sees something, registers it, googles it, and then process it.

Whenever we read or see something intriguing, we can’t stop ourselves from knowing about it more. We start doing extensive research about it and then commence a connection in the world to that one single thing. It engulfs your thought process.


How to know it is time to stop for a while?

Consuming information 24 hours can be vicious and self-sabotaging. It affects your peace of mind and disturbs your mental health.

There are times when we have to stop our search on google, and not carry it any further to not hamper with your peace. Many a time, you get warning signs like frustration, hopelessness, negativity, not getting enough time for yourself.

These are the times, which are shrieking on top of their voice for you to stop your information hunt and relax. Yes, it is possible to halt your mind from thinking about all the negative information and focus on yourself for some time.


How to create healthy borders and give rest to your mind. 

  • Keeps certain hours in your day to google things.
  • Try detaching from your thoughts.
  • Understand, it is okay to skip information that is going to bother you in a long run.
  • Ask your friends on social media and in personal life to give trigger warning before any depressing new, because it can disturb your mental peace, and will prompt you to read more upon it, further deteriorating your peace.