We, women, have always fought for our rights and therefore we are standing where we deserve to. Today we are going to speak about a personality that has suffered a lot and then too gained a great amount of respect and achievement.

Muniba Mazari, a 28-year-old girl, who is also known as the Iron lady of Pakistan. She is an anchor artist, model, singer, and motivational speaker and she became the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan of 2015.

Muniba is also Pakistan’s first model and anchor who uses a wheelchair because of her injury in a car accident at age of 21. She even worked as a host on the “Hum” news social show “Mein Nahin Hum”.

PERSONAL LIFE of Muniba Mazari

Talking about her personal life Muniba is from a Baloch background which belongs to a tribe of Mazari. She went to army public school and then to college in her native hometown for a BFA degree.

Before did she complete her studies, at the age of 18, she was married, and then in 2008, she got involved in an accident that left her helpless and handicapped in a wheelchair.


Muniba Mazari’s Interview



Muniba Mazari’s BELIEF AND SAYING Quotes

During an event in Islamabad in 2015, MS Mazari said that “I am a strong supporter of UN women and the role we have in ending gender-based discrimination and working towards gender equality making it a lived reality.

We need to educate both men and women if we want to remove gender discrimination and for this, we have to work together as one unit”.



Muniba got stuck in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury following a car accident when she was 21 years old. When she was in hospital lying on the bed with a broken body and half paralyzed, she began to paint in order to distract herself and this painting kept her alive.

Despite her accident and extreme pain, she considered her pain to be beautiful because it allows her to connect the pain with others who were suffering from it.

Her experience has turned her into an activist, encouraging women and girls that have experienced discrimination or violence not to fear and fight against it.



Some of her achievements in different fields are:

Muniba Mazari has displayed her art in several other exhibitions, as well as for charity, including:

  • USA Art Club, Islamabad
  • Nomad Art Gallery
  • Tribal Heritage Art and Craft Gallery, Islamabad
  • My Art World Gallery, Islamabad
  • Worked on a project for the Embassy of United States of America Overseas Buildings Operations, Islamabad
  • Exhibition at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, collaborated with National University of Modern Languages
  • Collaborated with three artists for an exhibition at Arts Council, Rawalpindi, in 2011


Muniba Mazari participated as a motivational speaker on various fronts, with her first break being TED Talks, Islamabad. Some of her works as a speaker include:

  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization Network, Pakistan
  • Motivational speech at Army Public School, Peshawar and Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar. She also sang Ye Watan Tumhara Hai by Mehdi Hassan
  • Leader’s Summit
  • Motivational speech at Bank Alfalah Training Centre, Lahore
  • Invited as a guest to Women Entrepreneurship Day at the National University of Science and Technology Business School
  • Talked about social entrepreneurship at the Youth Alumni Reunion 2014
  • Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)
  • VCon Malaysia
  • Vcon Dubai


Muniba Mazari Recieved Awards and honors

  • 100 Inspirational Women of 2015 (BBC)
  • 500 most influential Muslims of the world
  • First Pakistani UN Good Will Ambassador for UN Women
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 – 2016
  • The Karic Brothers Awards 2017 in Serbia by The Karic Foundation
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