Coding sometimes, known as computer programming, is how we communicate with computers.

Code tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions. The coding is very important to have good knowledge in the digital age, and it enhances creativity in the learner.

The world has entered a new digital age where computing devices have taken over every aspect of life. The world demanded number of students in the field of programming and coding.

The companies also claimed kids as young as those in elementary schools must begin to learn to code. Should kids be taught coding- has become a debatable question with different views pouring from different sides.

Coding for kids


πŸ‘‰ Johnny Castro, a child development expert and teacher preparation faculty member at Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch/Dallas, TX, says that he emphatically opposes teaching kids to code.

πŸ‘‰ β€œLet children play and enjoy childhood – we do not need to push down the β€˜career’ or interest in computer programming until the child is closer to 15 or 16 years old.”

πŸ‘‰ The child should explore their interest as they start learning new things in life and should not be forced to adopt coding just because it is the demand of the new digital world.

πŸ‘‰ Some supporters of coding say that the child has a maximum grasping power and hence should be taught coding.

programming for kids right or wrong

πŸ‘‰ But, in digital programming, everything becomes obsolete after 1-2 years because of the introduction of new programs. So, it doesn’t make much of a difference if a student learns to code in their later years.

πŸ‘‰ Screen time is another issue that affects kids who are learning to code. He believes that they already spend too much time in front of computer screens, and learning coding adds additional screen time that takes away from other activities.

Contrary to what parents may think, critics, argue that learning to code at a young age isn’t the key to success.

πŸ‘‰ β€œWhat will make kids successful in this tech-driven world is whether they can think – creatively, innovatively, and expansively – and that is accomplished through free, unstructured play.”

πŸ‘‰ The critics also highlight that- some age groups are being pushed to learn to code even before they have learned the fundamentals of mathematics and technology.

A Metaphor which is being used in this scenario is that children are being made to ride a bicycle before they have even learned to walk.

πŸ‘‰ But like any other issue, this too has two sides, two opinions, and two voices to it. There is a group of people who support and are enthusiastic about kids learning coding at a young age.

They say coding is beneficial for students in many ways if they learn it at an early age.

πŸ‘‰ They believe coding fosters creativity in a child because the child has to experiment and use their brains.

πŸ‘‰ Kids will make mistakes before they become perfectly at coding, and they will learn through their mistakes. Also, coding enhances mathematical skills, which helps them in applying maths in real life.

πŸ‘‰ Coding is also present in many STEM programs nowadays, which will be advantageous for kids if they learn it at an early age.

Children who learn to code understand how to plan and organize thoughts. It can lead to better writing skills that can be built upon as coding skills develop over time.



Whether a child should learn coding or not should be child’s individual choice and curiosity and hence they should be given time to explore their interest.




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