Each and every country has its own specialty in every sense such as its culture, values, tradition, and also a way of working. Today we are going to talk about the most controversial jobs which differ in every country. India is a country where the economy is to be balanced and we all spend most of the time at the workplace. With every job, there are some common problems but some of the controversial jobs are:

  • Politician- the politician in India has a criminal record and are known to use their influence and power in bad ways.
  • Builders- the builders make sure that they provide good homes to people where they could stay and there are other problems in which many builders run away with advance money with no government approval.
  • Lawyers- there are many lawyers who follow the judicial process but it addresses who defend rapist and terrorist and there is a saying that lawyers and Liars rhyme with each other
  • Sperm donor- In India there is no problem with marriage or being a parent but if a sperm donor makes it possible for someone who cannot naturally become, he is considered to be “dirty”.
  • Gurus (babas)- they live a life of peace but have crores of property and criminal records.

These jobs become a controversial topic for many people to talk about and spoiling your surroundings. Even they have the same controversy and issue affecting both the payment as well as their well-being. In abroad, jobs which focus on to develop changes in recreation policies, methods or procedure and how to manage sales-tax audits.

Being a Bollywood fan, there are many Bollywood movies based on politicians or sales tax commissioner such as Guru, Raid in which they show that how politician play their role so wisely by giving money and to come in good books of others.

Kamya Shah


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