As a child, we all dream about getting a job after completing our graduation. We think about a job-we go to college to pursue a degree that will take us one step closer to our dream job.

But now, the times are tumultuous, and getting a good paying job after completing your graduation or even post-graduation is not guaranteed.

The situation is about to get worse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic- people who were already employed have lost their jobs, increasing the percentage of the population who is unemployed.

Recently, a piece of news surfaced-that a young electrical engineer opens their tea stall in Ahmedabad because they couldn’t meet ends by the job they had.

In the coming times, such stories are going to buzz news.


There are different reasons why a degree guarantees no job.

👉 One, there are different skill sets which a job demands. During the degree, which imparts mostly theoretical knowledge, and sometimes the syllabus is outdated.

The degree doesn’t give the individual the skills they present market requires. Research has shown that three years after graduation, four out of five graduates were in graduate jobs.

Obtaining a good degree is not enough. The students must add value to it. Employers demand skills and often work experience as well.

👉 Secondly, competition has become cut throat. Every year there are more than 2.5 corore candidates who appear on government exams.

The vacancy for each exam is not even 10% of the candidates who give the examination.

Candidates who are- not recruited in the following year give the exam again and the vicious cycle of people not getting selected continues.

It increases joblessness in the country and forces students with a degree many times from a good institution to take up a job in the informal sectors to survive.

👉 Thirdly, many a time, even if they do get the job, it is not normally what they had in mind. The pay scale is too less, and the workload is too much.

Furthermore, sudden decreases in job availability could be due to technology advancing. As the years go by, technology is advancing more and more each day. It is making it hard for people to get jobs because technology can now do a lot more than it used to back in the day. 

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Also, creativity and new ideas are very important, which simply don’t come from your degree. Creativity and innovation don’t come from what people teach you. New ideas come from your personal experiences and your interaction with your environment.

Now the times are adverse people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Fresh graduates are not getting jobs because the organizations and companies don’t have enough profits to pay, and hence, they have laid off their workers and are not accepting new ones.

Yes, it is true a degree guarantees no job because many a time degree doesn’t impart the right skills and source required for the market.


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