It has been a historical day when women were given importance and the right to demand and they gave a fight back if they are right is to be violated. This is the generation that understands and supports that a girl and a woman are as important as a man and a boy and they should be equally treated and respected. They do face many challenges such as patriarchy, job opportunity, the position of power, and lack of respect for which they give to everyone. But today we are going to travel along with challenges faced by female athletes in the world of sports. It is very obvious that living in the 21st century, filled with technology and robots, but there is one thing where we are being criticized in the process of gender equality. It is difficult for everyone to realize because many of them have been remained rooted in the past mentality that women cannot perform and be equal to men in terms of strength. It is seen that women are judged by the way we dress, the way we speak, or even just by the number of beers that we consume at social gatherings. It is been said that sports are only meant for men and not for women and this is evident when we enter the picture of the sports industry. Why is Sports only for men?  Why is it considered to be a synonym word of men?

  • The first challenge they faced is their appearance or representation. You may all know about Kabaddi and cricket players, the runs they make, and World Cup they have won. But what about the female achievements and efforts? There is one incident that has reached the media which was the humiliation for Dutee Chand, who was to be the first Indian woman in 36 years to run a hundred meters at Rio Olympics. Through getting an unknown tip sporting authority told her to get tested for hyperandrogenism, a woman’s body produces more testosterone than is acceptable under the International Association of Athletics Federation guidelines. Being a girl, this was very humiliating but she refused this therapy and challenged the IAAF regulations.
  • The second challenge is that female athlete have to face that they are being less paid than what is being received by the males. There is even discrimination in providing incomes for males and females. let’s take an example that the prize money of FIFA World Cup male winners is around $35 to $50 million whereas women FIFA World Cup is around $2 million.
  • Female athletes are judged and monitored as a commodity to be used for men’s pleasure and not as a commodity of potential and talent. People do judge female by the cloth they wear and later an international badminton player had replied that she loves fashion and she does not step out of her house dressed shabbily so it doesn’t affect her game and gave a reply to everyone who has been criticizing her who have called her the “hottest pinup girl” or extended adolescence.


Do we say that we would look after these problems and challenges but there are many of them which are continued? Despite all these challenges women are rising and making a great history with their efforts and determination to reach their success line. It is very hard to believe for me and everyone that this condition and situation is changed overnight but people giving a thought to it is also a great achievement that an individual would have.

Kamya Shah


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