There are many things that are just felt and cannot be said. When you want to convey your message to someone who is special and make your life happy is through songs. Songs are basically a bunch of sentences and words which are full of meaning and lyrics. It is said to be the most romantic way to express your feeling to someone but it has taken a controversial role in the upcoming time.

The songs which have created a controversial scene in the industry are:

  • Bhag Bhag DK Bose
  • button daba Denge
  • Gutur Gutur
  • Chaiyya Chaiyya
  • Sexy, sexy
  • Khada Hai, khada Hai

These songs were either based on how a father or parents criticize their children and their feelings are expressed through songs, but here the words used are not considerable. There are even songs that are based on girls either body shaming them. to show them low or talk about their characters. These songs are considered to be controversial because it has lyrics which are considered to be inappropriate. These lyrics have offended many people and their surroundings. Many songs have been banned due to these issues and controversies. One source which has helped to spread this awareness is the reporters and social media.

There are many Hollywood controversial songs which are sung by many famous singers such as Lady Gaga, who is an American singer, have a huge fan following but there are many who have opposed the controversial songs such as Born This Way, Bad Romance because it includes political lyrics and also her obsession with religion has created many controversies. There is even a song that was based on Obama and it had created a great controversy during that period of time. Though songs are made so that we feel and enjoy the lyrics of the songs but the tables have turned over making controversy.

Kamya Shah


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