Ditching the Bollywood band and loving ott has been a part of the new normal in today’s world. The industry has been ruling for years and the actors and other artists who have been showing their creativeness in the industry have been losing their influence in the celebrity world. The charm and the influencing capability of Bollywood actors have decreased as comparatively the back foot artist and the web series actors have performed so well in their work and have made their place in the industry.

The best example which we can see is during the lockdown. People came up with they are inborn and learned talent and their efforts made them reach another level of success. One source which has helped these artists to step forward is the use of the internet and OTT platforms where they have expressed their talent and have become an inspiration for many. We have also come across the topic of nepotism where many actors were involved and self-made actors Sushant Singh Rajput Prachi Desai Vikrant Massey and many YouTube artists proved them to be self-deserving and self-sufficient for which people love them.

There are social media and YouTube which have provided a large platform to start-up artists and many of them have earned their name- like Sandeep Maheshwari who is known to be the leader in the entertainment industry. His videos on YouTube are always motivational with the spice of moral and human values. Specialization is the need of the hour to survive in the industry. Vivek Bindra who is known as Revolutionary Entrepreneur and the motivational speaker is known for free learning university on YouTube. He made videos on YouTube related to business topics. Some artists such as Bhuvan Bam, Ashish chanchalani, and many web series on Netflix and Prime video have been entertaining for everyone from teenagers to adults. There are even web series related to crime and violence like Delhi Crime, Hostages- which have morals and spread awareness of what is going around us.

Their efforts in present and in the future will make them become more entertaining and successful and these people would rule the industry.

Kamya Shah


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