The Punjab Music industry has significantly grown over the years. There has been a wave of a young artist coming up in the industry. The music in the Punjab industry transformed from the roots and ‘desi’ culture of Punjab to a flaunting and brandishing industry about luxurious cars and mighty guns.

The gun culture in the music industry is on a substantial rise, which has become a controversial topic. With the recent arrest of lyricist Shree Brar, the question around glorifying guns and violence has resurfaced.


The Influence of Gun Culture On the Audience.

The Punjabi music industry has normalized the use of guns in their music. They exalt the use of heavy weapons in their lyrics and videos and reflect that the possession of these weapons is facile. 

It has also created a stereotype regarding the northern belt that everyone has easy access to weapons and they always carry it with them. 

It also creates a superficial image of masculinity and the obsession with guns, and they can keep everyone under them. The saddest part is people enjoy this type of music, and they have normalized it. 

The feeling of ‘cool dude’ is usually expressed in such songs which people then try to imitate in reality.

Maybe if not the act of carrying guns, but the aggression (shown in terms of facial expression and walking with an attitude, so to say) portrayed in such songs has a high chance of being reflected in the lives of the youth generation more particularly.

Women may also get impacted similarly, but the degree of intensity of the same may vary. Many a time, the voice of singers who dedicate songs to Punjabi culture is lost in the commotion of loud lyrics.


What Do Artists Say

The artists want to make money and want their song to reach the maximum audience. They want millions of views, and they perfectly know what the audience wants.

Veet Baljit, in an interview, said that “We are often accused of glorifying gangsters or promoting the gun culture, but these are the market demands.

If I release a religious song, it hardly gets 2-3 lakh views on YouTube, whereas songs related to guns get 25 lakh views. To survive in the industry, one has to write songs that would be liked by the public.”



There has to be a systemic change in the thinking of the artists and the audience. The mere booking and arresting of singers in not going to change this culture. A lot of singers have been booked in the past, but the gun culture is still prevalent in the industry


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