No relationship will really survive with a steady stream of negativity flowing through it it takes determination, self-awareness, and kindness to hold it afloat.

Negativity can creep in almost unnoticed at times, and you do not know the negative consequences before something dramatic occurs.

To prevent toxicity from infiltrating your relationship, make sure you avoid these typical attitudes and practises that can potentially weaken relationships.  




Data indicates that communication style is more important than commitment levels, personality characteristics or stress in determining which couples will be satisfied.

Good partners don’t avoid conflict, but they know how to keep the channels of communication open. Happy couples realise that the best talks are going on without noisy phones, tablets and computers.


2. Don’t Forget the Small Things

Saying thank you, please, shouldn’t be reserved for the corporation. Manners are important, even with the person you’ve been with for 20 years.

Extend the same respect to your partner as you would to a visitor. Please say thank you, make a pleasant conversation, and why don’t you give your partner a drink? A few manners and charms can go a long way to preserving a society of mutual respect.  


3. Exercise Together

Research suggests that couples who exercise together are not only happier, but more happy with their relationship.


Psychology Today cites many reports that report that the signs of physiological arousal (the sort of high you get from exercise) mirror the results of sexual and romantic arousal. When you work out together, you’re going to feel beautiful and in love!  


4. Go On Vacation

A couple’s retreat can be energising for a relationship, but so they can move on their own! A few happy, healthy couples take their own short holidays, or take frequent social group trips.


Being lonely, making new people, or having trips without a partner can be very empowering. At the end of the day you will return to your energetic, enthusiast-and more in love than ever before.  


5. Laugh

Laughs relaxes the entire body, activates the immune system and releases endorphins. Laughter consultant, Lesley Lyle, author of the book Laugh Your Way To Happiness, says that smiling and laughing would make you feel better-even though you’re forced to!


So even though both you and your loved one had a hard day, try smiling and joking for no cause at all. The physical act of laughter is going to make you happy and better.  


6. Eat together

Families who eat together, remain together. The dining table is a venue for couples and their family members to connect and eat – both physical and spiritual.

Couple eat together

Eating nutritious food together at the table not only encourages good family wellbeing, it also offers a daily, holy spot for discussion and laughter.  


7. Have Sex (Romance) Every Day

Having sex every day reduces the anxiety that some couples have when it comes to doing” time.

In his novel, How One Couple Switched Off the TV and Turned On Their Sex Lives for 101 Days (No Excuses!), author Douglas Brown argues that having sex every day not only decreased this tension, but also brought him and his wife closer together after 14 years of marriage.

couple romance sex

Plus, sex itself can lower blood pressure, boost sleep, minimise tension and even avoid cancer of the prostate. Couples who have sex every day believe that it not only reinforces their relationship, but also enhances their health.  



If you’re a coworker, a partner, a friend, a mom, or a grandfather, let the person know that you respect them from time to time.

Everyone wants to be respected in life, and then they feel like they’ve made a difference in the world. If you consider and appreciate someone’s good qualities, they will be motivated to regard you in the same way. Positive relationships need affection, care, and reciprocal respect for both.

Next time you see a client, a coworker, a partner, etc., let them know that you love them and how much you really cherish them.  



Most people use their time together as an opportunity to disperse all their life problems to one another and to vent their grievances. This leaves both people feeling tired and uninspired after conversation, and opens the door to more negativity in the future.

Dream of solutions instead of discussing problems. Remember each other for the beautiful things of life, and raise each other up. Healthy relationships become perfect because they make all partners happier than bitter.  


10. Be tolerant of physical change

When your wife and you grow old together you can both evolve and improve – and since you’ve grown so happy together you will be eager to point out faults in each other.

But if you want your happy partnership to last, you can never mention the stretch marks, the beer belly or the bald spot! No matter how tired and wrinkly you all get the answer to “How do I look like that?” “It’s still like, “You look amazing (and I love you).”      


11. Follow All the above tips

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