“Love is in the air”,

this sentence is full of emotions, affection, and attachment. So, we are going to add some spice to the recent occasion of Valentine's week.

Today we are going to see how the number of room bookings is increasing in Valentine's week. Valentine is an occasion where couples spend their quality timeshare and make their bond stronger. Couples book sweet rooms highly on valentines to spend and enjoy their time.

According to my, when there is a real relationship along with promises to stay forever then physical intimacy is considerable. It is also seen that couples roaming out on this day are quickly judged by the surrounding people and get gossips to talk. This is because our culture hasn’t accepted Valentine's Day or any relation willingly.

To avoid let people know about your personal life it is also seen that people do book a private room and spend their time and they celebrate Valentine's Day as one of the important days to spread love. People who book a room on Valentine also have discount and offers which attracts them. It becomes profitable for the owner or the manager of the room of the hotel as a number of rooms on valentine’s week are mostly booked by couples.

When a couple is in a relationship the outer appearance is not the only factor that matters but it can lead to negative consequences. In a relationship, there should be good compatibility, understanding, and practicality to stay together forever.

There are many relationships that are considered fake or they are together only for benefits or money. This has influenced many other relations which came to a negative end thus spoiling the whole relation.

There is a different country that has a different culture which has a different point of view regarding this concept, for example in the US, people are very free to understand and accept the relation whereas in India people are narrow-minded and haven't accepted this bond.

They believe that one should only go for an arranged marriage and should not have a love marriage. This thinking affects many factors- it becomes difficult for a girl and a boy to roam around being friends or if found alone at home, people do judge and make it difficult to forget. It is an important topic to be discussed with your parents and relatives that valentine day importance is necessary to accept and also respect the relationships.


Kamya Shah


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