Divorece – The End or New Phase of Life

In today's generation divorce has become a natural and simple part of life for some families. Divorce is the legal separation for dissolution of marriage for two partners.

This affects both the feelings of partners as well as the whole family. Is marriage worthless commitment? Having affairs after marriage? No,it just destroys and affects the environment around you thus creating negativity.

There are chances of divorce in case where the girl is earning more than the husband. This creates an inferiority complex thus losing the bond. The divorce rate according to the current situation is 2.9 per thousand population.


DIvorce Is Not The End

A relation is a bond of emotion, feeling, affection and attachment whether it's connected mentally or physically.This comes to an end when they separate.

Divorce becomes more difficult for chindle and affects them mentally to the earlier or past generationldren to ha believed in arrange marriage or to marry that person either for parent’s business purpose or other commitment.

If this would be applied in today's generation, it would lead to divorce because girls nowadays have become more independent, they believe to give their opinion, and take their own stand.


Divorce – Live in Relationship

Today's generation is the one in which couples believe in live-in relationship where there is no commitment and no family involvement.

Nowadays, the people in a relationship have thinking that they should go for live in relationship where they could explore their bond emotionally as well as financially.

In a live-in relationship, there is freedom where either of the partners can leave if they do not want to stay together.

If we take an example that for a small fight or a small argument if partners come to a decision for taking divorce, it is pointless because every relationship isthe sum of sweetness and bitterness.



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