Pros and Cons of live-in relationship in India

Do you need relationship counselling for different styles of relationships? These live-in relationship tips will help you make a smart decision about your love life.

When it comes to living-in-relationship before marriage, there are some clear beliefs and perceptions of individuals.

Many times, before you want to live with that person for the rest of your life, a lot of doubts bump your mind and your family. Is it fair or bad? Is it really a smart thing to be living in a relationship before you get married?



Live-in Relationship in India:

It’s surprising to know that live-in-relationships in India are more common among young people than you thought. These relationships have been around for decades, but the focus has only recently turned to them.

Yeah, there are a lot of good stuff about those relationships and downsides, too.

Consider these two situations to understand the main distinctions, benefits and drawbacks of these two forms of partnerships.


Case 1 –

A girl and a boy have been dating for over two years. They plan to get married. They actually got married and had a beautiful honeymoon. They’ve lived together for a while but then they’ve found that things don’t go well for each other as they’ve began to face relationship issues.

They have complaints and arguments over minor problems. This has been going on for three years, and then they divorced, finding that they can’t stay with each other.

live in married

Case 2 –

Girl and boy have been dating for over two years, and they agreed to marry. But before they get married, they want to know each other better and to make sure if their relationship is compatible or not. And they agreed to share a live-in relationship with each other. They quickly discover that there are usability problems. And now after two years, they’re going to divorce.



Some people get into a live-in relationship because they think they’re angry at each other and others do so because they want to accept and meet their partner.

There are also similarities and drawbacks of these forms of partnerships. The same is true in live in relationships, too.

So if you’re looking to move in with your girlfriend, remember these pros and cons of a live-in relationship:



Pros of Live-in relationship – 

1. Living together before marriage has greater consequences for a relationship. Living couples have ample time to know each other well and to make a well-informed decision to get married or to split without further aspirations.


2. Compatibility between the partners is of the utmost importance as mentioned in the two relationship cases referred to above. To check mentally and actually compatibility, partners should consider getting professional guidance on living marriages to sustain a stable relationship for a lifetime.

happy couple in live in relationship


3. Love is a crucial choice for all parties and requires complete attention to the future of any partnership. This days, people are nuts about their dreams and their jobs. Broken relationships often hurt. Breakups are better in a living relationship. And don’t you like ‘we break up’ rather than ‘we’re divorced?’


4. Live-in relationships are ideally suited to a high paced life. Couples do not have to give up any freedom, nor do they have to assume any liability. As a result, there will be no problems of fidelity as in marriage.

live in relationship advantages


5. If you are not happy with your mate, you can simply grab your bags and walk out without any legal consequences. There may be a heartbreak of a living relationship, but that’s easier than a breakup that has a social shame tied to it.


6. Both partners are completely equal in life-in terms of both security and equality. They all know the doors are open to get out of the relationship. So they owe each other social and financial room and respect. Relationship assistance should still be requested if desired in the future.


7. Another advantage of being in a relationship is that a couple does not need to listen to the advice of family members or to bow to the burden of society. Unlike marriage, they do not need to observe the customs of society. Relationship advice can also be requested by experts to address challenging problems.



Cons of Live-in Relationship –

1. A live-in relationship leaves little to be explored further. Unrealistic aspirations could lead to ill-will and a distance between the pair.

disadvantages of live in relationship

2. Live-in-relationship is not permanent; a couple of shares time together, relax and then move on. They promise to be together for a long life while in relationships.


3. Physical intimacy can be enjoyable at times, but if you don’t stay or marry the same person, it can make you feel guilty or sad, particularly in a female.

physical intimacy live in relationship

4. There is little consistency in these kinds of partnerships, since they are not stable, and partners can quickly split up. This could be a heart break for any girlfriend. The main downside is the lack of dedication. Anything that comes from a little conflict or dispute will lead to a divorce. But if a couple is dating, they will make every attempt to preserve their friendship and find solutions to conflicts or misunderstandings.


5. Things are changed after marriage. Comparing current actions with living-days can trigger stress and even contribute to divorce.


6. Women are always on the receiving end when a live-in-relationship fails. It becomes impossible for a woman to find a decent and understanding husband after a long life relationship.


7. Life in relationships lacks the depth and stability of marriage. Trust is also doubtful. And if an infant is born out of a living-in-relationship, the child is the most affected. There will be procedural problems relating to paternity and custody if the couple steps out of the relationship. This will generate disrespect and hatred for the spouses in the child as he/she grows up.



Human relations are complicated, and marriage is a big burden. Today, the young generation enters into diverse forms of relationships in order to fulfil their physical mental, emotional and financial needs. It has become a rising theme for young people in metro cities.

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