Time changes and so the dating culture too. The belief in love remains the same, but the way to pursue romance certainly changes. With the advancement of technology, relationships nowadays are made on dating apps. These dating apps such as- Bumble and tinder are known as the “digital maker” where the “swipe right” is the way that makes people understand the intimacy and the seek for relationships. Many people do find their date through family, friends, or other social groups through online meetings or in a traditional way but nowadays in today’s generation, online dating has become popular where they enjoy having access to a number of potential partners connecting with them comfortably level.

These apps basically ask for a short biodata and your picture from which the other person swipes you yes or no. If both of them swipe right, they meet and spend time to know each other more. Online dating apps do have many successful and many unsuccessful relationships. There are many successful relationships that were tied with maturity, emotional attachment, and practicality. It is also seen that the online dating app has gone wrong for many of them. Yes, it is true that online dating apps have changed the dating world.

Many people do have the narrow-minded thinking that one should not date or use any online dating app or not make any profile on it. They have been believing that one should follow what one parent says in terms of marriage. According to my, one should see the positive side and accept the thinking and the concept of online dating and respect it as well as spread awareness that online dating is not bad at all. It’s all about two people meeting, spending quality time together, promise and value them and stay together.

Kamya Shah


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