Planting Trees May Not Be Saving the World

The development is causing deforestation, and in return, corny capitalists promise compensatory afforestation. The world is being asked to plant trees in the hope, that this will save them from climate change and will reverse human-induced climate change.

The world and its citizens have become eco-conscious, and companies and governments cannot escape with compensatory afforestation. Planting trees is not straightforward because these companies and government claim to plant trees but mostly monocultures.

Monocultures are unfit for animal habitats because they don’t provide any diversity for the animal kingdom to grow. It doesn’t provide any plant diversity, and a single species of trees don’t provide shelter, food – to a variety of species and, hence close to no animal species live in such forests.

In monoculture forests, there are the same species of trees, and hence they all take the same amount of water, unlike in a diverse forest where all trees have a different requirement, and the water is used judicially. When the level of the water table goes down, it also degrades the soil.

Monocultures deeply impact the local communities who need the forests for water, food, fodder, and shelter, etc. Many times, local communities are forced to sell forests to industries that only grow monocultures.

Monocultures are not forests and don’t attract rainfall, they don’t provide food, they are not home to animal species, they don’t allow any biodiversity.

They are not an addition to already existing forests. All of them cut existing forests to grow commercially viable trees. Forests are not mere oxygen mechanisms, but they are an ecosystem that nurtures life.

The best way to save the Earth and to keep it green- is to not destroy the remaining biodiversity and forests of the earth.

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How Can Planting Trees Help to Reduce Climate Change & Reduce Global Warming

A lot of people decide to enrich their gardens by planting trees. Most of them do it for beauty or to offer extra shade in the summer months.

There are however, more benefits from trees than you might imagine. Except for refreshing, bonding us with nature and its calming impact, trees do a lot when it comes to the climate.


🌳 Reducing Climate Change

Although people are good at something, they build up excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Harmful CO2 leads to climate change, the greatest threat currently facing the planet. Trees, however are helping to fight it. They consume CO2 by extracting it from the air and storing it while releasing oxygen.

Annually, an acre of trees consumes an amount of carbon dioxide compared to driving your car 26 000 miles. Trees are our important attributes for survival; only one tree can provide enough oxygen for four humans.


🌳 Purifying Air

Have you ever felt the feeling of “cleaner air” in the woods or by the sea? Oh, you were right, because it is well known that trees purify the air.

They consume pollutant gases, such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia and sulfur dioxide. Trees also absorb odors and act as a barrier as little particles are caught in the leaves.

A mature acre of trees will provide oxygen to 18 people every year.


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🌳 Cooling Down the Streets

Every year, we listen to the disturbing news of global warming. For example, the average temperature in New Delhi has risen by 6F in 50 years, and the average global temperature has risen by 1.4F.

This occurs as the coverage of the tree decreases. Removing trees and replacing them with heat absorbing concrete roads and buildings allows cities a lot warmer. Trees cool cities by up to 10 F by providing shade and releasing water.


🌳 Natural Air Conditioning

Did you know that strategically spaced trees around your home will substantially reduce the need for air conditioning?

Not only will this make your wallet thicker, it will also reduce carbon dioxide and pollution from power plants. Architects and environmentalists sat together to come up with a brilliant idea – green roofs.

Green roofs are a perfect way to bring plants into your home and offer environmental benefits to your neighborhood while saving money on cooling bills.


🌳 Saving Water

With the exception of cooling, trees also help to conserve water. Due to the shade they offer, the water would slowly evaporate from low vegetation.

Trees require about 15 gallons of water a week to live, and they release about 200-450 gallons of water a day.


🌳 Preventing Water Pollution

Stormwater can be full of phosphorus and nitrogen contaminants. Without plants, the stormwater runs through the oceans and waters without being filtered out.

Trees split the rainfall and allow the water to penetrate the earth and settle into the soil. They also avoid the contamination of oceans by stormwater. With the exception of trees, green infrastructure such as a green roof will help calm stormwater effects.


🌳 Reinforcing Soil

Trees are one of the strongest agricultural partners. They work positively in a variety of ways: they minimize soil erosion, increase fertility, and help soil moisture.

Fallen tree leaves lower the soil temperature and keep the soil from losing too much moisture. Decaying leaves that fall to the ground turn into nutrients for tree growth and encourage the production of microorganisms.


🤔 Final Thoughts

There are also environmental advantages of planting a tree. Strategically planting trees around your home can have enormous environmental benefits.

Not only can you help restore the quality of life in your community, contribute to the environment and help combat climate change, but you will also set an example. So planting a beautiful tree is always a good idea.






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