Importance of Red Coulor in Indian Marriages

India is a country where there is a great importance of relationship and wedding. As there is a change in a generation there is a change in ritual and dressing sense.

In India, this auspicious moment is incomplete without the color red. Red has been a constant companion of Indian brides. it is a color that is vibrant and bright which is considered to be perfect for the wedding ceremony. as generation changes the western culture for wedding lehengas have come into tradition.

Nowadays the bride does wear a red lehenga and this tradition is followed by many even in today's generation. Have you ever thought that why do we wear red lehenga or why the sindoor is red?

This clearly means that red is not a noun or adjective or color but it is considered to be true to the color of purity veracity love and it signifies Indian heritage and culture. It is found that in wedding red is the prominent color from saree to bangles and from sindoor to greeting people with a tilak.


Why Red Colour is Important In Indian Marriages – How It Came In Trend

The color red has its own significance in different countries and different religion full stop for example it is considered to be good and precious in China whereas morning in South Africa.

The bride can do changes in their outfit but the color red should be prominent in her dress to signify its importance.

It is to be believed that the first mark of sindoor on the wedding day is the beginning of a new relation nowadays women do not wear long and white sindoor but they do wear a short one on regular basis.

Ghagra choli has become popular in recent times and has introduced other new levels of dignity Elegance and independence in the modern Indian bride. Red sarees as well as these lehengas make them bright look beautiful and perfect.


Why 7 Fere & Vachans Are Important

Now let's talk about the 7 “Fere” and Vachchans which are taken during the wedding ceremony.

The seven hu are taken by taking a circle around the fire for 7 times. Why taking turns the bride and the groom both have to make promises with each other on one thing.

All of the seven rules are not for extending their relationship but it will able to help them to have a happy life and child

1. Prayer for nourishment and provision

2. Pillar of strength

3. Wealth and prosperity

4. Happiness with elders and family

5. Moral responsibilities and child

6. Long life together

7. Friendship love and understanding


Red Clothes For Today's Generation Bride

Bride in today's generation thinks how one cloth can be used in different ways.

So they make sure that their outfit is used in many ways and select a good designer who can suggest a good combination and a good style which would look perfect according to occasion and generation.

There is a saying old is gold. this is seen in our scenario in which many brides have continued to follow the tradition of wearing red and giving importance to the tradition.  

Kamya Shah


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