Our mind is constantly thinking. We are constantly consuming information to feed our minds. We want to grasp as much as knowledge our mind can until we feel it is time to stop.

But then we think about ways to silence our minds. Nowadays, the best way to absorb information is GOOGLE. It is a search engine, which has information related to everything.

You type, click search, and boom, there are loads of articles, videos, images about the same. But this persistent famish of taking new information or enhancing the old information can be perilous a lot of time.

The biggest question lies in, does our search ends n google, and I’m scared the answer is a big NO.


Why is our mind ceaseless?

If I say in gen Z language, it is the FOMO (fear of missing out) that tells our mind to consume new information every time we open our devices. The mind sees something, registers it, googles it, and then process it.

Whenever we read or see something intriguing, we can’t stop ourselves from knowing about it more. We start doing extensive research about it and then commence a connection in the world to that one single thing. It engulfs your thought process.


How to know it is time to stop for a while?

Consuming information 24 hours can be vicious and self-sabotaging. It affects your peace of mind and disturbs your mental health.

There are times when we have to stop our search on google, and not carry it any further to not hamper with your peace. Many a time, you get warning signs like frustration, hopelessness, negativity, not getting enough time for yourself.

These are the times, which are shrieking on top of their voice for you to stop your information hunt and relax. Yes, it is possible to halt your mind from thinking about all the negative information and focus on yourself for some time.


How to create healthy borders and give rest to your mind. 

  • Keeps certain hours in your day to google things.
  • Try detaching from your thoughts.
  • Understand, it is okay to skip information that is going to bother you in a long run.
  • Ask your friends on social media and in personal life to give trigger warning before any depressing new, because it can disturb your mental peace, and will prompt you to read more upon it, further deteriorating your peace.


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