During the pre-internet days, if someone is you a tricky question, you had a couple of options to find the answer- if you could see if anyone knows the answer.

You could also pull-out Encyclopaedia or go down to the library and research about it. But in today’s time, that system has become more complicated and time-consuming and if someone asks you the same question today you would -Google it.

It is grateful that technology and the internet have no longer made us depend on random facts or pieces of information. You won’t even remember that when was the last time you tried to memorize your phone number or try to find a piece of information without any help from Google.


How the Internet changes our brains

Through the latest study and researches, it is found that the internet isn’t changing how we live or work but it actually altering our brains. It is to be believed that our brain is constructed for change and it is all about change, so one should go along with the generation.

There is one question that has a life change because of Google. Is life without even possible and you more without Google or the internet?

The internet has changed the way we live and experience things in today’s time. Whether it’s reading world news or two by different products online nothing is considered to be impossible without the internet. There are many websites opened up on the internet expanding with branch and marketing.

These digital customers cannot even think of the world without Google. Every update is been answered by Google and we have become dependent on it. They have made handicapped in one way but I always like to see the positive in every aspect and there are some aspects of how Google has changed the way we live

To find information

It is helpful in collecting information about any object for what you are looking for on Google. You can even find your academic, dance videos app, recipes, work on the topic you are researching.



You can look for your favorite online shopping websites and purchase anything which is in your comfort and useful.

Google is the only platform where all these shopping websites are running and there are also different deals where we can compare and shop.



There are many social websites where we can communicate with each other online. There are many options such as video calling, a chat room where one can share opinions and build their network.


Entertainment purpose

You can watch your series, songs, and movies on apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime which are all available on Google.


Making Bond

There are even many apps on Google where we can find make Bond either to make friends or relation. Dating apps like tinder and Bumble make it easy for an individual to find the perfect match.



Google also offers many opportunities to promote and market-specific products and services. It is also a good platform for customers as well as manufacturers.

Every object has its own pros and cons and even Google has. Google has become negative for some of them but it all depends on how you take and handle it.

It is a platform where many individuals have been able to build up a platform for their careers. Google has definitely helped the majority of individuals and has definitely changed our life from many perspectives.

Kamya Shah


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