Comments Change The Future Of Content Creators

In the world of social media, everyone has a role to play. The social media functions in a loop- that is, one creates content, and the others consume the content.

The content creator makes their content based on their target audience, and then the audience constructively reacts to it. Like movie stars crave for reviews, the content creators find those reviews in the comment section by their viewers.

Nowadays, there are numerous platforms to showcase one’s content and every platform- has a large audience, which means a larger number of people are engaging with the content, and hence- there will be a larger number of responses.


How does the audience form an opinion about a content creator?

The industry of content creation is enormous and is escalating. During the nationwide lockdown due- to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of content creators has boomed on various social media platforms.

Audience Opinion Matters

The audience seeks relatability and practicality in the content and, when they find a diffusion of it, they give a thumbs up to the creator and amplify their support by commenting and sharing their content with their social media handle.

The audience has a massive role in making a content creator a social media star because they are the ones who brace them, watch their content, give them views, and support them through comments.


How are comments important for the creators?

The creator always makes content keeping their viewers in their mind. All the content creators read their comment section to comprehend what type of content their audience demands.

There are various types of comments or reviews in the comment box. One set of people praises the creators for the amount of hard work they put into making their content- it boosts the confidence of the creator and keeps them going.

Public comments matters for content creators

One section of consumers critically analyzes their content and give their opinion in a parliamentary language, this type of feedback is important to the creator because it- gives them a scope to improve and make their content more inclusive.

The others are the trailers, who comment demeaning and degrading things in a very undignified manner, which a lot of times disturb the mental health of the creators and, hence this is for all the travelers, if you can say something nice then please don’t say anything at all.


How comments change the future of content creators?

All the thoughts and constitutive criticism are required for a content creator to generate better and inclusive content always. The creators have to pay attention to their target audience and knock down the existence of trailers.

SOcial Media Impact on Girl

P.S. Social media has become a negative space. So please chose love over hate and support all your local artists.


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