The COVID-19 has affected many people’s life as well as business. The crisis has left no business to be unaffected but any of them are not lost.

The crisis has made people think of alternatives and come up with strategies that would help to continue pandemics. there are changes whether it be major or minor, customer communication or budget allocation, planning or execution.


ONLINE BUSINESS Promotion During Corona Time

As per the situation, business and other work needs online preference. People should be at home and online.

With the fear of going outside and ordering food online, there is a shift of trend/system. This online shopping is not limited to specific products such as clothes or gadgets but also books or online courses.

A website is more than a place for retailers to sell online – appoint best business-like clinics or salons can also offer online booking.

One can transact money to other accounts without any contact in this situation. One can pay for either cheap or expensive products through online relatability moving from offline to online is difficult but having to adjust as per situation and make sure that it would help in future setting too.


VIDEO STREAMING Promotion During Corona Time

To connect with consumers by taking advantage of live content.

Business is becoming more dependent on digital strategies than ever the shift from 92 online is a major challenge in developing channels for hosting live shows or events this crisis has made them learn and value too the importance of digital channels using video and digital marketing strategy has led once company to connect to other on large scales – webinar for live events or meeting.



You should be smart enough to spend on advertising. Is it important to increase your scales to promote your items that are in demand?

Include pant slippers clothes extra. Also include home products and also restaurants that are shut down and want to promote online ads for home delivery or pickup.


TO PROMOTE GIFT VOUCHERS Promotion During Corona Time

Due to pandemic it is impossible to be physically available in hotels or restaurant or salon to this to this and alternative is used by promoting gift vouchers through online appointment.

After this covid-19 too, online shopping and communication are not going to change. People should know to use the system be it online or offline. Some of them would continue with both online and offline to expand business for a better future.

Kamya Shah


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