The inequality gap worldwide is increasing and with the current COVID-19 pandemic it is estimated to grow at a faster pace further pushing teeming millions of people into a poverty-stricken lifestyle. 

In 1995 a group of independent non-governmental organizations came together to share knowledge and resources and combine their efforts in the fight against poverty and injustice-Oxfam. Oxfam is a global movement of people that creates a bridge for people who have faced severe injustice and have been grappled with injustice. It works worldwide in more than 70 countries, allies, partners to build a more egalitarian world to live in. Oxfam has the vision to create a just society and keeping our planet and its people at the center stage. They work on making the world a sustainable place and to fight the climate crisis. Furthermore, they advocate rights for women and work on the grassroots level to end discrimination and violence against them. 

Oxfam is an organization made of the people, by the people, for the people. They staunchly believe in the power of the people, and how they have the strength to change the world. Oxfam supports people organizations across the world fighting injustice and inequality. Oxfam along with millions of mobilizing people around the world.

What Oxfam stand for

They want to create a just and fair society. They also champion gender justice and the rights of women and girls. They fight for climate justice and create safe spaces that allow people to hold the powerful into account. They also work in the area of water and sanitation. 


7 pillars of Oxfam

  • We are rights-based
  • We are feminist
  • We fight inequality
  • We are humanitarian
  • We are both local and global
  • We are driven by diversity


Oxfam’s mission

“We fight inequality to end poverty and injustice.”


If you want to donate, volunteer, work with Oxfam – visit their website to get more information. Click here-



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