Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is the study of the mind. how it works, and how it affects the behavior. Psychology as a subject has made a space where it makes people understand that how their mental health is affected by external stimulus and how to deal with it. Today we are going to talk about different types of psychology which have helped many individuals to know and deal with that behavior. In this field of psychology, there is a difference between psychologists and psychiatrists. A psychologist offer treatment that focuses on behavioral adaptation whereas a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who focus on the medical management of mental health issues.


There are different types of psychology that serve different purposes and they are:


It deals with science theory and practice in order to understand and solve the problems with adjustment discomfort and disability. A clinical psychologist deals with emotional, biological, psychological, or behavioral aspects of human performance including their economic and social culture. The practice of clinical psychologist include psychological assessment and psychotherapy and they are involved in research training and in other areas.


It involves psychology which surrounds criminal investigation and the law. The forensic psychologist deals with the criminal justice system and the Civil courts which involve assessing the psychological factors which influence a case or behavior and presenting the findings in the court.


It is a psychology that uses the scientific method to understand that how social influences impact and individual behavior. It explains the feeling the behavior and thoughts and how are influenced by the actual image or implied presence of other people.


It deals with the structure and function of the brain related to behavior and psychological processes. Neuropsychology is involved with the working condition of the brain and the assessment which records the electrical activity in the brain. The neuropsychologist provides a treatment that may help an individual to achieve some improvements in their cognitive damage


It is a scientific study of systematic psychological changes which a person experiences during his life. The area focuses on infants, young children, teenagers, adults, and also older people. It is basically the development of a human understanding of emotion personality self-concept.

Every field has its own specialization and works accordingly in its positive way. This field basically deals with human behavior and in today’s time, it has helped many of them to deal with their issues and behavior too.

Kamya Shah


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