The Era of Web Series: Time Wasting or Investing

Web series has become a new source of entertainment in the past few years. During the lockdown due to the pandemic, the number of viewers watching series, movies on OTTs surged.

A report found out- time spent on subscription streaming services also doubled during April.

At the height of lockdown, adults spent an average of six hours and 25 minutes each day staring at screens. People watched streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, for one hour eleven minutes per day. 12 million people joined a service they hadn’t used previously.

Three million of these viewers had never subscribed to any service before. The trend of viewers and consumers absorbing online content is increasing. In this article, the main focus will be the web series.

Web series are scripted or non-scripted online videos that are present in the form of episodes and further go into seasons.


Plethora of Platforms and Plots

There are a lot of online platforms that provide all genres of web series. The audience consuming the web series is also diverse.

The online platforms have become affordable nowadays- with a lot of platforms, streaming web series for free and hence are engaging more and more people.

All the platforms provide monthly and yearly subscriptions and you can subscribe as per your requirement.


Influence of Web Series on the Young Generation

Web series are a great learning opportunity for many things. Web series are a substantial source for learning about different cultures, as the series present an authentic view of the cultural background of someplace.

Second, web series introduces a lot of new words and can build your vocabulary and language skills. The communication between two actors can also be helpful because it teaches us how to communicate fluently. Thirdly, they teach us invaluable lessons about life.

The influence on the younger generation is about the binge-watch culture. They want to complete all the series as soon as possible, and this is harmful to their health.

As the old proverb goes,  “anything in excess is bad” and so it is for web series. Thus, the viewers should limit their screen time and should not watch more than three episodes a day.

Sometimes, a web series might have disturbing scenes or can have foul language, and young children don’t see the upper age limit.

It can have negative side effects on a child’s growth, and hence parents should make sure their child watches the right content on the internet.

In the world of web series, be a smart viewer. Learn and adapt from the shows you watch because nothing is more pleasurable than entertainment plus learning.


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