The New Phase of Success – Revealed by Experts – Gain It How (Women)

It was hard to believe for everyone that a woman can do what a man and can. Gradually many women took initiative and performed when to make everyone believe that men and women are equal and there should be no discrimination in rights or job opportunities.

I think you may now have come to know that today we are going to focus on women and their entrepreneurship.

Women entrepreneur are the one who manages, organize their enterprise and other work of business. This system has been first started in the United States during 20th and 21st century where the female-owned a greater respect and amount rate percent.

This increase is seen to be a great rise in an opportunity where self-made females entered into the field of business and successfully made a position as women entrepreneurs.


Career Sucess Path For Womens 

During the 18th century, it became popular for women to own business-like brothels, taverns, and retails shops. This business was this approved by society and considered shameful for women to be in that position but during 18 and 19 centuries, more women came under this operation and emerged into public eyes.

One of the examples is Rebecca Lukens who took over the family business and turned it into a profit-gaining business.

Some of the successful women entrepreneurs in India are Aditi Gupta, Neeru Sharma, Gurleen Kaur, Ashwini Asokan, & Madhumita Singh (Karo Startup) and many others have either seen a downfall in their financial status and promised themselves that they want to make their identity or many of them have become successful to give a fight against discrimination happening with them.

The United States has had the first female entrepreneur in 1739. Eliza Lucas Pinckney is the one who owned a business when she was 16 years old. Some of the common features which are likely to make a woman a successful entrepreneur are:

  • The woman with a small income
  • Women with small facilities
  • Support of their husband after getting married
  • Women hard work and passion for growth and sustainability for their business


Why Women Want to Become an Entrepreneur

There was a question that why women want to become an entrepreneur when there are meant to handle the business. This mentality has made society discriminate and destroy many opportunities for women. The reasons why a woman becomes an entrepreneur is that:

  • they want to become economically independent
  • they want to establish their own brand
  • they want to make an identity in the society
  • they want to build their confidence and they want to fight for they are equal status and freedom in the society

There are some areas where women’s entrepreneurship has been successful and shown a great amount of profit and glow in that field.

The fields are food, fruits, vegetables, handicraft, beauty parlors, papad, pickle, and many more.

To build up the business it is very necessary to have an external factor like- business development organization for the economic market environment but along with this, it is also necessary for a woman to have the motivation, commitment, her abilities and skills, ideas, and other resources well she could express her talent and stand at a place where she feels proud of being self-made.

It is very rightly said by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that, “When a woman moves forward, the family moves, the village moves, and the nation moves”.

It is seen that due to entrance of women as an entrepreneur she has always come like a lioness and ruled like a leader to make her area and field stay independent self-made corporate and come up with innovative ideas. Also, these women have indeed been a role model and an inspiration for other girls thinking to enter and glow in their particular field.

Kamya Shah


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