Transcendental Meditation

New way of accessMeditation is a technique to calm your mind by focusing on a particular object which would mentally help an individual to release his/her stress and be stable. The meditation practice of any type can have numerous benefits on our mental and physical health.

There are hundreds of meditation forms and one of the most effective is Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental meditation is a very simple, silent, natural, and effective technique to calm and let the mind be in a state of rest. Transcendental has come from the Latin word “transcendere” which means anything non-physical. So, this technique gives you inner peace, strength and ignores worldly issues.

Transcendental Meditation is not a religion, idea, or lifestyle. It is a method of achieving a sense of peace and calmness. It is a technique to avoid distracting thoughts and promoting a relaxed state of mind. It is also called


This meditation technique was developed by MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI. Some meditating practices encourage the clearance of thought in the mind but Transcendental Meditation helps to encourage the thoughts to come and go like sailing a boat in the river.

The TM technique involves the silent use of sound called a mantra, which is taught by certified teachers through a standard course of instruction. Transcendental meditation has many advantages:

  • Less anxiety
  • Balances blood pressure
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases cortisol
  • Curbs insomnia

Be yourselfThis practice was used earlier in our schools, corporations, and prison programs. This practice basically involves mantras and is practiced for 15-20 minutes in the morning, twice a day. Mantras play an important role in increasing focus. Steps to perform meditation are:

  • Sit comfortably on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Repeat a mantra in your mind.
  • When you feel your thoughts are creeping in try returning to the mantra again.
  • After performing the Transcendental meditation technique, move your fingers and toes slowly.
  • Open your eyes and sit for few minutes till the time you feel that you are ready to continue the day.

The master only recommends 2 main things when we choose mantras – the first thing is that it should have no meaning and the second is that the vibration of the sound is necessary.

Each Transcendental Meditation Mantras has its unique vibrational qualities so specific individuals can select specific Mantras.

Transcendental Meditation Mantra is classified as per age eg:

0-11 ENG
12-13 EM
14-15 ENGA
16-17 EMA
18-19 IENG


reveal insecurity feeling embarrassedThe repetition of mantras helps to regulate the flow of thoughts in one’s mind, one after another. The practice is effectively used to reduce stress, relax the mind, and helps one to be calm.

Transcendental Meditation not only provides a state of relaxed awareness but also helps in avoiding negative thoughts or overthinking. Some organizations carry out awareness related to this transcendental meditation and are called the transcendental meditation movement.

In mid-1950, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced the TM technique and movement in India. Maharishi says that his technique doesn’t require any preparation and can be learned by anyone. This technique is basically effortless and it is said that this technique is used to move the mind towards greater satisfaction.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is said to be religious and non-religious, in the case of a religious movement, it is related to Hinduism, and as a non-religious practice, it is self-development.

Maharishi learned this technique from his master Brahmananda Saraswati and he himself began to publicly teach this form of method in 1955. Many types of research and studies found that it has a positive effect on health and helps in stress reduction. These positive outcomes helped this transcendental meditation to popularize in the 1960s and 1970s which remained relatively unchanged.

The first study on health effects took place in the early 1970s. Though many researchers said this technique was not fully reliable or applicable.

In 2013, a statement from the American Heart Association said that TM could be considered as a treatment for hypertension, although other interventions such as exercise and device-based breathing were more effective and better supported by clinical evidence. The US government had given more than $20 million to Maharishi University of Management to study the effect of meditation on health in 2004.

An advanced meditation practice called the Transcendental Meditation Technique Siddhi program was also held by a health care program called Maharishi Ayurveda. TM’s media faculty includes the publishing company, a television station a radio station, and a satellite television channel.

The goal of the TM-Siddhi program is to upgrade personal growth and improve mind–body coordination by training the mind to think from what Maharishi has described as a fourth major state of consciousness called Transcendental Consciousness. A central aspect of the TM-Siddhi program is YOGIC FLYING, a mental-physical exercise of hopping while cross-legged.

The maharishi began training TM teachers in the early 1960s and it was reported that it had more than 40000 teachers by 2008. In 1967, the first teacher training course was held in India with 30 participants, and in 1970, there were 200 participants. In the United States, a four-month teacher training course was also held.

Maharishi explained his content with great presentations and proper sequence. The teachers at TM were taught to speak on the transcendental meditation program and then teach it to others and conduct lectures related to topics, courses, and programs.

The transcendental technique is taught in a very standardized form with seven step-course over six days by a certified TM teacher. Transcendental Meditation teachers also take precautions that their students not be alarmed by negative or random thoughts and tell them to recall the mantras.

The presentation of the transcendental meditation technique over its 50-year history has been praised in mass media and effective global propagation. It has also been criticized for using celebrity and scientific endorsements as a marketing tool. During this period, its products and services have been offered through a variety of organizations, which are non-profitable and educational.

Transcendental Meditation has been used in corporations- the United States and India. Many Indian companies provide the transcendental meditation technique to their managers.

These companies are Siemens, American Express, SRF Limited, Wipro, Hero Honda, Ranbaxy, Hewlett Packard, Ever-ready, Maruti, Godrej Group, and Marico. The reports of the Sunday Times-Herald stated that there were more than 100 Japanese companies where transcendental meditation was introduced in the orientation.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has described the effect which convinced a great number of individuals that practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique can have an effect on the environment and this influence is called the Maharishi effect. They also supported other life-supporting trends thus expanding the maharishi effect.

Transcendental meditation was taught in the military in 1985 with post traumatic stress syndrome as a part of research studies. Jonathan Rowson believes that Transcendental Meditation practice provides an individual a feeling of energy, serenity and balance.disadvantages of live in relationship

There are many types of research and studies conducted and published on transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation technique research has helped in spreading out the history of mind–body medicine and helped create a new field of neuroscience.

There are controversies that states that organizations are being labelled as cult by several parliamentary inquiries or anti-cult movements in the world are been taken place. Some say that transcendental meditation and its movement are not a cult.

The Maharishi has looked for criticism from yogis and strict Hindus for selling commercials mantras. On the contrary Maharishi also promises of better health and stress relief. The best part about this technique is one can learn it by themselves and also practice it daily to keep their mind fresh and calm.

Nothing is difficult if you want to achieve it, and with this goal set, you can ace anything you like.

One should always have this attitude:

  • I can do anything and achieve everything in my life
  • I am the best
  • I love and respect everyone in my life
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